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The department is part of the University's Central Administration. HR is overall responsible for strengthening UCPH as a workplace and thereby contributing to the high quality of research and teaching. Among other things, we are responsible for recruitment and talent work that attracts and maintains talented employees, establishing HR processes and systems as well as developing the organisation, managers and employees.

Tasks and strategic focus

HR works in a development-oriented manner and supports the university's strategy and goals.


HR is responsible for setting the direction and driving the development of the HR area at UCPH. Together with three HR centres, we set the overall framework that forms the basis for managers across UCPH in the development of their respective areas.


  • is responsible for the common policies and processes in the HR area, including interpreting and consulting on legislation and rules.
  • solves cross-sectional and strategic tasks that support the University's goals.
  • supports the tasks of the HR centres with specific concepts and specialist consultancy.
  • has business responsibility for the development of systems and tools in HR.
  • services cross-sectional committees.
  • handles contact with the authorities.

The four sections of HR contribute to the solution of the cross-sectional tasks, while at the same time performing a number of operational tasks, as described under the individual section below.


The University of Copenhagen must be known internationally as an open and ambitious knowledge institution. Our graduates must acquire international competences and a global outlook, just as students and academic staff should draw inspiration from the surrounding world and be equipped to contribute to a society undergoing rapid change.

The international competition to spot, attract and retain academic talent is considerable. We must therefore offer attractive, digital and globally oriented research and study environments with an academic culture and infrastructure that can accommodate international talents and offer the best opportunities for developing and pursuing new ideas.

HR supports the internationalisation of the UCPH with a number of activities:

  • Developing the framework for an internationally recognisable and attractive recruitment and career system, including tenure track. 
  • Career guidance and counselling for young researchers.
  • Support and advice for HR centres, departments and hiring managers at UCPH in connection with international recruitment and incorporation of enrolled international PhDs.
  • Support for researchers and staff who are to be posted abroad.
  • Developing a good framework and offering practical assistance to international employees and their families.
  • Establishing services such as "dual career" as well as social and career-oriented events for international researchers and their families with a view to retaining them in Denmark.
  • Participation in networks and the collection of new knowledge about international recruitment: networks with other public authorities, universities, companies and organisations in Denmark and abroad, which contribute to reducing any barriers to international recruitment.



UCHP is internationally oriented and our main strength lies in our ambitious and dedicated staff and students, all of whom contribute to an environment, which values critical thinking and truth seeking within the framework of an inclusive and appreciative culture that welcomes diversity.

Since 2007, the proportion of women in research positions has increased, and we continue to develop UCPH as a university where talents can unfold regardless of background. Therefore, an increased focus on equality and diversity is an important element in the Strategy 2023.

HR, among other things, supports diversity and equality through:

  • Increased focus on recruitment to researcher and management positions in order to ensure a broad field of applicants.
  • Development processes focusing on unconscious bias in a number of units across the university.
  • Support for an LGBTQIA + network for employees with the aim of helping to support the inclusive and inclusive community at the UCPH.
  • Support for The Diversity Network for employees with the aim of contributing to increasing diversity and equality at the UCPH.
  • Management training in diversity and the prevention of sexism.
  • Participation in international round tables and working groups with the aim of promoting equality and diversity in academics.

Read more about the University's work on diversity and equality.


Leadership development is highly prioritised at the University of Copenhagen. To achieve the vision of being among the world's best universities, we must have managers who are academically strong, courageous and empathetic – and who take responsibility for the community and make decisions in a complex organisation on the basis of tasks, cooperation and motivation of colleagues, employees and students.

Leadership development has been in focus since 2009 and a coherent management system is one of the priorities in the University’s Strategy 2023. It is based on a shared leadership foundation that forms the basis for the ongoing management development at UCPH.

Managers and management groups at UCPH can draw on a range of activities, the key elements of which are:

  • Leadership courses – both cross-sectional and for specific target groups.
  • 360-degree feedback – which is offered as required, and at least once every three years, as well as in connection with the basic leadership course ' LUKU-basis '.
  • Interview concepts – used for development reviews (PDR, MDR, GPRD), transition interviews, etc.
  • Facilitation of management forums and networks.
  • Professionalisation of onboarding, etc.
  • Sparring and consultancy in the event of, for example, organisational changes, conflict resolution, workplace assessment follow-ups, strategy implementation, leadership group development, etc.


HR runs the internal course activities for managers and staff, and annually offers approx. 200 courses on a wide range of topics.

The courses at UCPH are offered to all employees and managers, and they provide the opportunity to meet across faculties and disciplines. Among the offers are courses on:

  • Project management
  • Working environment
  • Personal development – including, for example, mindfulness and personal communication.
  • IT systems and UCPH procedures which introduce the University's systems and administrative casework











Sections and employees

HR consists of four sections. In addition, three local HR centres solve HR tasks for departments and faculties. Below you will find links to the Shared HR management team, the four sections – each with a brief description of their main tasks and a list of employees with work functions and contact information – as well as the HR centres.