For suppliers

Information to tenants, suppliers and other contracting parties

The need for services to the University’s campuses and buildings will be significantly reduced due to the closing of physical educational activities and with many employees working from home via their PC and phone.

However, buildings will be accessible to the same extent as during evenings and weekends.

Cleaning and security duties are carried out as usual, however with more security rounds.

We ask everybody to be respectful of the University’s facilities and to follow the instructions from the Danish authorities. We apologise for the inconvenience and the expected reduction of services that this emergency situation may entail. 

External suppliers that are helping to maintain the critical technical operations, including ongoing construction work at the University’s campuses, should continue their deliveries to the University of Copenhagen as agreed. 

In case of any doubts or questions, the supplier should contact their contractual partner at the University, who will be available either on campus or at home.

The University is very much aware of the pressure that the business sector is currently experiencing, and we will do everything we can to ensure that our suppliers will receive on-time payment even though most employees are now working from home.

In these very special circumstances, we cannot guarantee that situations may arise in which payments will be delayed, but we are very keen to avoid this situation to the widest extent possible.

General information

EORI: DK29979812 

Bank information

Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal 2
DK-1092 København K
Reg. nr. 0216, Konto 4069044336
IBAN DK73 0216 4069 0443 36