List of all departments at the University of Copenhagen by faculty. Centres and other sub-departmental units are not listed here. See list of centres and schools.

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Law 

The faculty is organised as a single unit without departments. Sections and centres are administered by the faculty.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Theology

The faculty is organised as a single unit without departments. Sections and centres are administered by the faculty.


A department is the workplace for most people at the university where researchers and students have their daily work.

The structure and division of responsibilities at department level vary, but each department covers one or more fields of research and provides teaching staff for the university’s programmes.

Most departments cover several different programmes. Some programmes, however, are coordinated at faculty level, and the individual departments provide teaching for different parts of the full programme.

Two faculties – the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Theology – are ‘single-entity faculties’, which means that they are not divided into departments, but that the faculty constitutes one single department. Their departments and centres are therefore attached directly to the faculty.

In recent years, the university has merged a number of departments, which is why many departments have chosen to set up sections to provide the framework for research and teaching within the department.

Centres, projects and research units

In addition to faculties and departments, the university is also home to a number of centres, interdisciplinary projects and other units, which are typically dedicated to research within specific subject areas or to solving specific tasks. Many of these entities are funded by or run in collaboration with other research institutions, public authorities or private companies and foundations. See list of centres and schools.