Research, education and the dissemination of knowledge are the University’s core activities. A number of administrative and technical functions at different levels provide the foundation and the facilities for the University's development and operation.

Central Administration

The University’s central administrative units carry out administrative work for the whole of the University by making tools and expertise available for the administrative work at faculties and departments. The Central Administration also provides advisory and secretarial services to the Rector and Prorectors, the Board, the General Collaboration Committee and the rectoral committees.

Administrative departments

  • Campus Service 
    Coordinating tasks concerning building, construction and facility management at the university and with external partners.
  • HR 
    Development of staff, management and the organisation. Staff administration, payroll, occupational health and safety and crisis counselling. Staff policy and employee guide. Holiday home rentals.

  • Rector's Office
    Daily service management of the rector and prorectors, the university director and the Board.
  • Research & Innovation 
    Knowledge, consultancy and guidance about IPR, commercialisation, EU programmes, external funding and entrepreneurship.
  • UCPH Communication
    Internal and external communication on the university's common level, as well as support for communication efforts at the university.

  • University Education Services 
    Student guidance, SU administration, study statistics, miscellaneous administrative tasks and skills development of former students.
  • University Finance
    The administrative centre for budgets, accounts, procurement and controlling.
  • University IT 
    Shared service, operational and development tasks within IT and telecoms.

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Faculty administration

The faculties' administrative units (faculty secretariats) deal with a number of administrative tasks, for example recruitment of academic staff, programme administration and quality enhancement of education as well as cross-departmental administration within the six main academic fields. Read more about faculty administration on the faculties' own websites.

Department secretariats

Department secretariats provide day-to-day administrative support to department management, academic staff and study boards. This is where the primary contact with users and staff takes place and where data on the University's many activities is collected for the use of overall planning. Read more about department secretariats on the departments' own websites.


The University's buildings operations (canteens, janitors, cleaning, room booking, audio-visual equipment etc.) are handled by three service centres, which cover all University premises: SCIENCE Campus Service, Campus Service SUND and Campus Service South City. Organisationally, the service centres are placed under the faculties.