Research, education and the dissemination of knowledge are the University’s core activities. To handle the foundation and the facilities, a number of administrative and technical functions are tied to the University on various levels and involving many different tasks.

Central Administration

The Central Administration carries out tasks for the whole of the University by making tools and expertise available for the administrative work at faculties and departments. The Central Administration is in charge of a variety of operations and services, contact with the authorities as well as legality, strategy, knowledge sharing and shared systems and infrastructure.

Administrative departments

  • Campus Service
    Building, construction and facility management at the University and with external partners.
  • Education & Students
    Student guidance, SU administration, study statistics, miscellaneous administrative tasks and skills development of former students.
  • Human Ressources
    Staff development, management and organisation. Staff administration and payroll Occupational health and safety, personnel policy and holiday home rentals.

  • Innovation & External Partnerships
    Works to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship i research and education at the university,  and to forge strong ties to the rest of society.

  • Rector's Office
    Servicing and support of management forums, general law, practice committees etc.
  • Research & Information Security
    Research policy and funding, management services, data management and security.
  • UCPH Communication
    Internal and external communication on the University's general level, website and app development as well as support for communication efforts at the University.

    Shared service, operational and development tasks within IT and telecoms.

  • University Finance
    Budget, accounting, procurement and controlling, including ERP systems.

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Faculty administration

The faculties' administrative units (faculty secretariats) deal with programme administration and quality development of programmes as well as administration across departments. You can find more information about faculty administration on the faculties' own websites.

Department secretariats

Department secretariats provide administrative support to department management, academic staff and study boards. This is where the primary user and employee contact is. You can find more information about department secretariats on the departments' own websites.