Rector’s Office

The Rector's Office handles the day-to-day servicing of the Rector and Prorector and the University Director as well as of the Board of the University of Copenhagen. The Office is divided into the following sections: Forums & Policy and Front Office & Legal Affairs, and in addition to daily management support and case processing also handles legal tasks, support of decision-making processes as well as internal and external communication and stakeholder relations.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bak, Jonas Espe Senior adviser +45 353-25324 E-mail
Broberg, Lone Executive Secretary +45 353-22604 E-mail
Brøchner, Tine Roslev Head of Law and Front desk +45 353-26497 E-mail
Byrel, Louise Skovgaard Academic Officer   E-mail
Dreisig, Stine Manniche Executive Secretary +45 353-22755 E-mail
Duckfeldt, Mette Executive Secretary +45 353-34246 E-mail
Fevre, Sonja Maria Macura Academic Officer +45 353-33737 E-mail
Groth, Kathrine Mørch Academic Officer +45 353-33265 E-mail
Hasselbalch, Carina Tove Holmberg Attendant +45 353-22614 E-mail
Hemmingsen, Sofie Senior advisor +45 353-34716 E-mail
Høgsbro, Nele Senior adviser +45 353-22602 E-mail
Larsen, Laura Kjølstad Student   E-mail
Madsen, Helle Bech Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-36494 E-mail
Malmmose, Andreas Wichmann Academic Officer +45 353-25319 E-mail
Mastrakoulis, Teresa Executive Secretary +45 353-25341 E-mail
Nedergaard, Søren Deputy director +45 353-37819 E-mail
Nørskov, Signe Bjerre Academic Officer +45 93 56 55 29 E-mail
Raaschou-Nielsen, Vibeke Head of Policy & Fora +45 353-36176 E-mail
Rabjerg, Malene Kokine Academic Officer +45 353-28037 E-mail
Rastenni, Rene Karoline Student   E-mail
Stein, Søren Henrik Senior adviser +45 353-22609 E-mail
Stenby, Christian Riis Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-23509 E-mail
Stenz, Christian Tang Senior adviser +45 353-26319 E-mail
Sølling, Jacob Moldt Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-22630 E-mail
Talleruphuus, Julie Academic Officer +45 353-20635 E-mail
Truelsen, Anders Bau Academic Officer +45 353-34691 E-mail