Rector’s Office

The Rector's Office handles the day-to-day servicing of the Rector, the two Prorectors, and the University Director as well as of the Board of the University of Copenhagen. The Office is divided into the following sections: Forums & Policy and Front Office & Legal Affairs, and in addition to daily management support and case processing also handles legal tasks, support of decision-making processes as well as internal and external communication and stakeholder relations.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Amping, Anna Weinkouff Student   E-mail
Bak, Jonas Espe Special Consultant +4535325324 E-mail
Bird, Martha Special Consultant +4535337977 E-mail
Broberg, Lone Senior Secretary +4535322604 E-mail
Egelund, Tobi Line Marie Danstrøm Academic Officer   E-mail
Gregersen, Camilla Jul Senior Consultant +4535332107 E-mail
Hasselbalch, Carina Tove Holmberg Administrative Officer +4535322614 E-mail
Jacobsen, Louise Ingeborg Special Consultant +4535322707 E-mail
Kanstrup, Anni Senior Secretary +4535328063 E-mail
Kirkegaard, Lise Wied Head of Section +4535328959 E-mail
Lassen, David Dreyer Prorector +4535324412 E-mail
Lauta, Kristian Cedervall Prorector +4535324381 E-mail
Lindholm-Li, Anna Special Consultant +4535331344 E-mail
Madsen, Helle Bech Senior Consultant +4535336494 E-mail
Myrup, Hjalte Frederik Dalsgaard Senior Consultant   E-mail
Nielsen, Jette Head of Section +4535321123 E-mail
Otzen, Cæcilie Marquard Special Consultant   E-mail
Petersen, Anders Emil Kann Special Consultant +4535323236 E-mail
Petersen, Cecilie Academic Officer +4535337511 E-mail
Petersen, Kristian Academic Officer +4535337983 E-mail
Raaschou-Nielsen, Vibeke Deputy Director +4535336176 E-mail
Skjødt, Maj Parker Wagner Senior Consultant +4535329846 E-mail
Skydsgaard, Søren Munk University Director +4535320771 E-mail
Stein, Søren Henrik Senior Consultant +4535322609 E-mail
Stenby, Christian Riis Senior Consultant +4535323509 E-mail
Sund, Mille Lentge Student +4535324802 E-mail
Sølling, Jacob Moldt Senior Consultant +4535322630 E-mail
Thomsen, Hedvig Gyde Senior Consultant +4535324281 E-mail
Truelsen, Anders Bau Special Consultant +4535334691 E-mail
Wegener, Henrik C. Rector +4535335113 E-mail
Witte, Iben Goddard Student   E-mail
Wivel-Snejbjerg, Kirsten Senior Secretary +4535331431 E-mail
Zukunft, Lucas Emil Academic Officer +4535323531 E-mail