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About UCPH Communication

The University of Copenhagen's communications department, UCPH Communication, has the overall responsibility for the internal and external communication at the University - meaning the communication which is sent out by the University as a collective entity.

The department's main task is:

  • To advise the Rector, Prorectors and the rest of the University in questions related to communication
  • To support the University’s research and educational policy causes
  • To ensure web governance and development across university domains and platforms

Main tasks

The main tasks of UCPH Communication can be summarised under these headings:

  • Communication at Rector and Prorector level
    Feature articles, debate contributions as well as preparation of committee meetings etc.

  • Media relations
    Media contact, news site, press releases and media monitoring.

  • Internal communication
    Communication of news and the employee guide on the intranet, KUnet.

  • Research communication
    Coordination of the Science Festival events (in Danish), Culture Night (in Danish), etc.

  • Alumni relations
    Read more at the UCPH Alumni website.

  • Design
    Consultancy and development, graphic design work, design guidelines as well as expansion and maintenance of the design guide (in Danish).

  • Web and app
    Top layer of, development of CMS and maintenance of the Web guide for editors, mobile optimisation of web, myUCPH app for students (in Danish), development of the intranet (KUnet), as well as UCPH's Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Images and videos
    Image archive and video portal (in Danish).

  • Parallel language use
    Translation tools, English as an administrative language, KUlex.

  • Network management
    For all communication and web staff at the University.

  • Events
    Organisation of conferences, annual commemoration, matriculation ceremony, Sonning Prize etc.

  • Communication consultancy in general
    To the Rector and Prorectors and the University's management, departments in the central administration as well as those responsible for communication at departments and faculties.

  • Committee work
    Secretarial services for the University's two overall communication committees: UCPH's Strategic Communication Council, KUSK, and the Communication Coordination Committee, KUKK. Read more about the communication committees (in Danish).

Employees in UCPH Communication

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anders Nørregaard IversenAcademic Officer  +45 353-22895E-mail
Anna Høxbro BakSenior adviser News +45 353-24270E-mail
Anne Bech BroenWeb editor Web, app development +45 353-30745E-mail
Camilla HansenStudent assistant Web team  E-mail
Charlotte AutzenSenior Executive Consultant Head of Section, News team +45 353-24264E-mail
Christian HedegaardSenior communications adviser Social media +45 353-32177E-mail
Christoffer NyborgSenior advisor  +45 353-22894E-mail
Gustav Hvid LindecronaStudent assistant News team +45 353-34021E-mail
Halle RashdanStudent assistant Web team +45 353-31102E-mail
Hanne von WowernSenior communications adviser Translation, KUlex +45 353-36128E-mail
Henrik KorzenSenior Executive Consultant Head of Section, Web team +45 353-24274E-mail
Ida GiersingProject manager English in administrative communication +45 353-32682E-mail
Jasper Steen WinkelDeputy director Director of Communications (and press) +45 353-24262E-mail
Jens Fink-JensenSenior communications adviser News, social media and image archive +45 353-23578E-mail
Johan Paulsen GormondStudent assistant Web team +45 26 37 30 95E-mail
Johannes NygaardWeb editor +45 353-24263E-mail
Lars Pein AllingIntranet manager KUnet +45 353-37860E-mail
Laurents NordentoftWeb editor +45 353-24271E-mail
Lene Düwel AndersenSenior adviser Communication about education +45 353-24268E-mail
Lisbeth IhlemannSenior adviser  +45 353-23955E-mail
Liv Alfast StrømSenior communications adviser News, +45 353-37988E-mail
Maria Gerner-RasmussenExecutive Secretary  +45 31 51 51 15E-mail
Nanna EllegaardTechnical web editor Frontend developer +45 353-32032E-mail
Nanna Broch ClemmensenStudent assistant News Team  E-mail
Nanna Broch ClemmensenClerical officer   E-mail
Pete BurkeArt director Design and graphic solutions +45 353-24267E-mail
Peter Kenneth LarsenWeb editor KUnet, support +45 353-24777E-mail
Signe LehrmannProject manager Web, app development +45 353-20379E-mail
Signe Lund-SørensenArt director Design for web and print +45 353-24266E-mail
Tina Nordentoft AndersenStudent assistant Web team +45 353-24272E-mail
Vibeke Mark-HansenEvent coordinator Annual Commemoration, Matriculation Ceremony, Sonning Prize +45 353-22097E-mail