About UCPH Communication

The University of Copenhagen's communications department, UCPH Communication, has the overall responsibility for the internal and external communication at the University - meaning the communication which is sent out by the University as a collective entity.




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Anders Nørregaard Iversen Web Editor Billede af Anders Nørregaard Iversen
Carl Emil Grandjean Halby Student Billede af Carl Emil Grandjean Halby
Christian Hedegaard Communications Adviser Billede af Christian Hedegaard
Christoffer Nyborg Special Consultant Billede af Christoffer Nyborg
Frans Wej Petersen Administrative Officer Billede af Frans Wej Petersen
Hanne von Wowern Academic Language Consultant Translation, KUlex Billede af Hanne von Wowern
Henrik Korzen Head of Section Head of Section, Web team Billede af Henrik Korzen
Isabella Marie Vestervang Chong Student Billede af Isabella Marie Vestervang Chong
Jakob Sonne Engel Student Billede af Jakob Sonne Engel
Jasper Steen Winkel Deputy Director Director of Communications (and press) Billede af Jasper Steen Winkel
Jean Elisabeth Hørdum-Axelsen Administrative Officer Billede af Jean Elisabeth Hørdum-Axelsen
Jens Fink-Jensen Communications Adviser News, social media and image archive Billede af Jens Fink-Jensen
Jes Højen Razga Head of Section Head of section, Media team Billede af Jes Højen Razga
Johannes Nygaard Web Editor www.ku.dk, webgovernance Billede af Johannes Nygaard
Kristian Malling Granov Special Consultant Billede af Kristian Malling Granov
Lasse Wormsborg Student Billede af Lasse Wormsborg
Lene Düwel Andersen Senior Consultant Communication about education Billede af Lene Düwel Andersen
Lisbeth Ihlemann Special Consultant Billede af Lisbeth Ihlemann
Liv Alfast Strøm Communications Adviser News, video.ku.dk Billede af Liv Alfast Strøm
Lærke Gade Bjerregaard Intranet Manager Intranet Manager Billede af Lærke Gade Bjerregaard
Mathias Valdemar T Jørgensen Student Assistant Billede af Mathias Valdemar T Jørgensen
Nanna Ellegaard Academic Officer Frontend developer Billede af Nanna Ellegaard
Nena Sue Thomassen Academic Language Consultant Translations Billede af Nena Sue Thomassen
Pete Burke Designer Design and graphic solutions Billede af Pete Burke
Peter Kenneth Larsen Web Editor Websupport, KUnet og Symplify (nyhedsbreve) Billede af Peter Kenneth Larsen
Shanna Hjorth Web Editor Billede af Shanna Hjorth
Signe Anna Larsen Student Billede af Signe Anna Larsen
Signe Lehrmann Project Manager User Experience (UX), Web, app development Billede af Signe Lehrmann
Signe Lund-Sørensen Designer Design for web and print Billede af Signe Lund-Sørensen
Thomas Petersen Web Assistant Billede af Thomas Petersen
Vibeke Mark-Hansen Administrative Officer Annual Commemoration, Matriculation Ceremony, Sonning Prize Billede af Vibeke Mark-Hansen