Visit the University

There are a number of options to visit the University to experience research and meet researchers and students. This may for example take place at the University's many museums, during school visits or at public events.


At the museums, you can be in direct contact with the University’s collections and research. The museums are the Natural History Museum of Denmark (the Botanical Garden and the Zoological Museum), the Medical Museion, the Museum of Herbal Medicine, the Museum of Veterinary History and the Øresund Aquarium.

Read more about the University’s museums

For academic delegations and partner institutions

Academic delegations or delegations from partner universities of the University of Copenhagen, wishing to visit the University, are kindly asked you to fill in this
Visit Request Form and e-mail it to

For primary and secondary schools

Pupils and teachers in primary and secondary schools have many different opportunities to experience research and education at the University of Copenhagen - individually or as a class.

All academic offers can be found on the University’s
Portal for schools and secondary schools - (In Danish)

Open house

Every year in the week 9, the University organises open-house events for potential students.

Find more info about open house on the study portal

Culture Night

On the annual Culture Night in mid-October - always Friday in week 41 - the University welcomes visitors of all ages. Faculties, departments, libraries, museums and centres open their doors to an evening full of exciting activities.

Read more about the Culture Night (In Danish)

Guided tours

The old university buildings at Frue Plads

The Danish University Extension (Folkeuniversitetet) offers Danish spoken guided tours for the general public in the old university buildings at Frue Plads, including the main building, the Senate House (Copenhagen's oldest building from around 1420) with the university prison known as the Carcer, the Refectory (placed in a cellar just as old as the Senate House), the Museum Building, and the Library Building.

'Folkeuniversitetet' does not offer more guided tours in the old University buildings at Frue Plads in 2022, but two guided tours in Spring 2023 can be booked from Monday 12 December at 10:00.

Search for "Rundvisning på Københavns Universitet" and register at the 'Folkeuniversitetet' website (In Danish)

Other recurring events

  • Annual Commemoration where the University awards medals and confers honorary doctorates.
  • Education Day where lecturers and students can inspire each other.
  • Matriculation Ceremony where the University welcomes new students.
  • Sonning Prize Celebration where Denmark's largest culture prize is awarded.

The University also participates actively in the Science Festival, the Danish Natural Sciences Festival, Forest Day and Denmark's Political Festival.

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Using University facilities

Businesses and external researchers may in certain cases use the University’s research facilities, and associations and clubs may rent premises for events that are associated with the University.

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