Executive Management: Prorector for Research David Dreyer Lassen, Rector Henrik C. Wegener, and University Director Jesper Olesen.



The Board is the University’s highest authority, and its mandate is to safeguard the University’s interests as a research and educational institution.

Top day-to-day management

The head of the University is the Rector, who is appointed by the Board. As the top day-to-day management, the Rector, the Prorector for research, and the University Director (together forming the Executive Management) are responsible to the Board. The position as Prorector for Education will be re-occupied later in 2022.

Faculty and department management

The main academic subject areas, the faculties, are managed by deans, with departments managed by department heads.

Mission and vision


UCPH is a knowledge and culture-bearing institution, which, based on independence of research and research-based education at the highest level, provides a framework for critical thinking, insights and a quest for truth for the benefit of society.


UCPH wants to be among the world's best universities measured by quality of research and education and to be recognised for excellence and intellectual creativity.


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The purpose of the University of Copenhagen’s strategy is to set the framework and direction for the University's ongoing development. The University has entered into a Strategic Framework Contract with the Ministry of Education and Research, specifying targets which UCPH will fulfil during the contract period. Besides, regular and systematic quality assurance of degree programmes is a crucial effort at the University.