Strategic Framework Contract 2018-2021

The strategic framework contract is a three-year agreement between the Minister for Higher Education and Science and the University. The framework contract was signed in June 2018 and forms the basis for dialogue between the Ministry and the University from 2018 to 2021.

See the Strategic Framework Contract 2018-2021 here.

The framework contract sets out eight strategic goals:

  1. UCPH's research environments must be internationally leading through the attraction, retention and development of talent
  2. UCPH wants to conduct research at the highest international level
  3. The ties between research and education should be further strengthened
  4. UCPH students must achieve a high and digitally updated learning outcome
  5. UCPH graduates are ready for the job market and have relevant skills
  6. The activities at UCPH contribute to growth and development in Denmark
  7. UCPH must be of benefit to society through increased transparency and strengthened relations with the outside world
  8. UCPH is a unified and focused university with an administration that effectively supports the University's core activities, research and education

The framework contract closely matches the University's strategy.