Innovation & External Partnerships

Innovation & External Partnerships is a department in the Central Administration. The department works to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship in research and education at the university,  and to forge strong ties to the rest of society.

The department covers IP & Legal, the Innovationcentre Lighthouse and Development & Partnerships.




The IP & Legal Office creates suitable framework for collaborations between UCPH researchers, private companies and other external partners. IP & Legal is responsible for:

  • protecting and handling the university’s intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • negotiating all research collaboration agreements and commercial agreements regulating IPR and thereby creates the best framework for the university’s collaborations with external parties
  • managing UCPH’s patent and license agreement portfolio

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UCPH Lighthouse works to strengthen the interdisciplinary innovation across the University. The Innovation Centre helps to ensure that the university's knowledge is used for the benefit of people, society, and the environment.

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Development & Partnerships is a driver in making UCPH an innovative and solution-oriented university through: management services of UCHP leadership and the steering committee appointed for the implementation of UCPH's strategy for innovation, preparation and execution of the yearly Nordic Innovation Fair, and working towards making the area around North Campus to a world leading and internationally recognized innovation district for the life sciences and quantum technologies through the secretariat for Innovation District Copenhagen.

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IP & Legal
Niels Bohr Building
Jagtvej 155
DK-2100 København Ø

UCPH Lighthouse
Tagensvej 16A
DK-2200 København N

Development & External Partnerships
Tagensvej 16A
DK-2200 København N


Name Title Job responsibilities Image
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Andreas Blohm Graversen Deputy Director Billede af Andreas Blohm Graversen
Ann Louise Bundgaard Hansen Special Consultant Billede af Ann Louise Bundgaard Hansen
Annette Fløcke Lorenzen Senior Consultant Collaboration with private enterprise and public authorities, strategic partnerships, research-based public sector consultancy, GTS (Advanced Techn... Billede af Annette Fløcke Lorenzen
Deniz Yüksel Pedersen Special Consultant Billede af Deniz Yüksel Pedersen
Ebru Ücler Cakir Academic Officer Billede af Ebru Ücler Cakir
Eva Lessèl Senior Consultant Negotiation of IPR contracts; collaboration agreements (including Innovation Fund agreements), MTA, NDA and licensing agreements etc. Billede af Eva Lessèl
Hussain Raja Abdullah Special Consultant Billede af Hussain Raja Abdullah
Ida Albrechtsen Administrative Officer Billede af Ida Albrechtsen
Karen Laigaard Senior Consultant with personnel management Head of the Tech Transfer Office. Billede af Karen Laigaard
Lene Kofod Sørensen Special Consultant IPR system Administrator Billede af Lene Kofod Sørensen
Louise Henriette Dithmar Special Consultant Billede af Louise Henriette Dithmar
Marie Hyllested Senior Consultant Billede af Marie Hyllested
Mette Andrup Senior Consultant Legal advice concerning collaboration agreements etc. Billede af Mette Andrup
Monika Ciesiolka Special Consultant Billede af Monika Ciesiolka
Nicole Paulus Amter Administrator Billede af Nicole Paulus Amter
Rebecca Vilstrup Jensen Academic Officer Billede af Rebecca Vilstrup Jensen
Stephanie A E Bruun de Neergaard Academic Officer Billede af Stephanie A E Bruun de Neergaard
Søren Vitfell Keller Senior Consultant Billede af Søren Vitfell Keller