Campus Service 

The core task of Campus Service is to ensure a good physical study and work environment for the university's approx. 38,000 students and approx. 9,000 employees.

We operate, maintain and develop the University's land and facilities on a million m2 building mass, divided into five campuses and a number of smaller locations.















Contact Campus Service

Marianne Vejen Hansen (konst.)
Director of Campus Service
Phone: +45 20841383
Frida Høegh
Head of Finance and Real Estates
Phone: +45 35330890
Markus Lampe
Head of Construction
Phone: +45 35334202
Anja Staun
Head of Planning
Phone: +4535325563
Louise Maria Christiansen
Head of Management Support
Phone: +45 35322772
Mobile:  +45 21466181
Søren P. Hassing
Head of Facilities Management, Frederiksberg+
Phone: +45 35332132
Mobile:  +45 23811613
Christian Hauser
Head of Facilities Management, North Campus
Phone: +4535334464
Søren P. Hassing (konst.)
Head of Facilities Management, South and City Campus
Phone: +45 35332132
Mobile:  +45 23811613