Diversity and equality

Diversity and equality

The University of Copenhagen is an inclusive and appreciative workplace that wishes to attract the most talented students and staff regardless of personal background. The University is keen to create a culture where everyone is treated equally, where tolerance and openness are completely natural and where diversity is a strength, not a challenge.

The University appreciates diversity and guarantees equal treatment of all employees within the conditions of employment. The University is determined to achieve virtual gender equality.

IItem 6 of the Basic principles of the personnel policy.

Current action plan

'Action Plan for Career, Gender and Quality - equal opportunities in research and management' is based on the University’s basic principles for personnel policy, item 6 concerning diversity and equality.

With this action plan, the Board has adopted a clear policy on the initiatives to promote gender balance in research, education and management with a framework for the goals to be achieved.

You can find the current status of the action plan in the Annual Report 2016 - Career, Gender and Quality (pdf)

International involvement

The University of Copenhagen participates actively in the international efforts to promote gender equality and diversity in the university world.

Gender Diversity Roundtable

Rector Henrik C. Wegner is a member of the group Gender Diversity Roundtable, organised by the UN Women Nordic Office and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The group consists of 15 executives from the private and public sectors.

Gender Diversity Roundtable

IARU working group

The University participates in the working group 'Women and Men in Globalising Universities' under the IARU university alliance.

Women and Men in Globalizing Universities

LERU working group on gender

Associate dean at the Faculty of Humanities Julie Sommerlund participates in the working group 'The Gender Thematic Group' about gender and devisity under the LERU university alliance.

The Gender Thematic Group

Completed initiatives

Under the programme 'More women in research and management', the University has implemented several initiatives to increase the number of women in research and management.

Evaluation report on the Women's Action Plan 2008-2013 (pdf)