HR Development and Occupational Health & Safety

The section contributes to the ongoing development of competency, career, and leadership development, and is responsible for the coordination, development, and holding of more than 200 courses per year.

The section also contributes to ensuring that staff policy and working environment at UCPH comply with applicable laws, rules, and guidelines, as well as interpreting and advising on work environment and committee services. In addition, the section is responsible for handling cases regarding work-related injuries and employee benefits.

OHS Team:
UCPH courses and management development:

Krystalgade 25, Stairwell L, ground floor (Magasinbygningen)

Employees in HR Development and Occupational Health & Safety

The following employees are included in HR Development and Occupational Health & Safety, Shared HR.

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
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Amina Omar Carsce Special Consultant Billede af Amina Omar Carsce
Christine Lawætz Hansen Academic Staff Billede af Christine Lawætz Hansen
Ingrid Skovsmose Jensen Head of Occupational Health and Safety Billede af Ingrid Skovsmose Jensen
Jane Søgård Hansen Special Consultant Billede af Jane Søgård Hansen
Niels Thiesson Wollesen Administrative Officer Billede af Niels Thiesson Wollesen
Nina Katrine Bahrt Blom Senior Consultant Billede af Nina Katrine Bahrt Blom
Peter Bregendahl Senior Consultant Billede af Peter Bregendahl
Suna Christensen Special Consultant Billede af Suna Christensen