HR Business Development

HR Business Development contributes to the ongoing development of the overall HR effort at UCPH through interdisciplinary collaboration with the organisation and across administrative units. The focus is also on development, contributions and follow-up on strategies for process optimisation, project management, portfolio management, communication, economy, data, analysis, management support and journal practice.

In this way, the section is responsible for the cross-disciplinary joint portfolio of projects and also has project management competencies for the implementation of interdisciplinary initiatives. The section handles internal and external HR communication, and is responsible for data management in the HR sector, including UCPH’s HR-BI. The section prepares statistics and analyses of HR data concerning i.e. staff composition and salaries.

In addition, the section provides management and financial support and handles meeting case management in the HR department. The section is also responsible for receiving digital mail to UCPH. Filing tasks for UCPH’s central administration, user management in regards to payroll as well as absence registration within the HR department itself are also tasks dealt with in the section.

Process team:
Analysis team:

Krystalgade 25, Stairwell L, 2st floor (Magasinbygningen)

Employees in HR Business Development

The following employees are part of HR business Development, Shared HR.

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
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Asta Schou Bertelsen Special Consultant Billede af Asta Schou Bertelsen
Dorthe Abildgaard Administrative Officer Billede af Dorthe Abildgaard
Eva Selena Andersen Project Manager Billede af Eva Selena Andersen
Helle Lund Special Consultant Billede af Helle Lund
Henrik Haastrup Senior Consultant Billede af Henrik Haastrup
Iben Rørbye Head of Section Billede af Iben Rørbye
Jens Poulsen Administrative Officer Billede af Jens Poulsen
Karina Charlotte Mathilde Jensen IT Officer Billede af Karina Charlotte Mathilde Jensen
Kirsten Hansen Special Consultant Billede af Kirsten Hansen
Laura Pérez Thormar Special Consultant Billede af Laura Pérez Thormar
Linda Danielsson Personal Assistant (PA) Economy and recruitment Billede af Linda Danielsson
Line Dalsgaard Senior Consultant Billede af Line Dalsgaard
Line Møller Senior Consultant with personnel management Billede af Line Møller
Lisbeth Stenlien Poulsen Secretariat Staff Billede af Lisbeth Stenlien Poulsen
Martin Dahl Nielsen Special Consultant Billede af Martin Dahl Nielsen
Ole Vincents Academic Officer Billede af Ole Vincents
Per Burmeister Special Consultant Billede af Per Burmeister
Sissel Rendrup Johansen Special Consultant Billede af Sissel Rendrup Johansen
Torben Jarl Jørgensen Communications Consultant Billede af Torben Jarl Jørgensen
Trine Lykke Larsen Business Consultant Billede af Trine Lykke Larsen
Trine Madsen Senior Consultant Billede af Trine Madsen