HR Law and Payroll

Employment law helps to ensure that the terms and conditions for employees at UCPH comply with applicable laws, rules, and guidelines.

The section is responsible for, among other things, interpreting and advising on employment law and committee and public sector services. The section is also responsible for implementing legislation in the personnel sector.

The Payroll team is responsible for salary payments to non-salaried employees, including UCPH hourly pay, certain reimbursements, reposting of pay, holiday settlements for redundancy and other special salary functions, as well as balancing salary accounts in addition to the disbursement of holiday pay to hourly-paid and terminated employees.

In addition, the section also administers the university's Holiday fund.

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Employment law:

Krystalgade 25, Stairwell L, 1st floor (Magasinbygningen)

Employees in HR Law and Payroll

The following employees are part of HR Law and Payroll, Shared HR.

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
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Anne Birgitte Tauris Senior Consultant Billede af Anne Birgitte Tauris
Camilla Lykke Lund Payroll Assistant Billede af Camilla Lykke Lund
Christine Nejsum Senior Consultant with personnel management Billede af Christine Nejsum
Dina Jensen Dahl Payroll Assistant Billede af Dina Jensen Dahl
Elisabeth Rasmussen Senior Consultant Billede af Elisabeth Rasmussen
Gitte Bach Lauritsen Pagh Administrative Officer Billede af Gitte Bach Lauritsen Pagh
Kirsten Jennum Administrative Officer Billede af Kirsten Jennum
Lis Henriksen Bak Senior Consultant with personnel management Billede af Lis Henriksen Bak
Malene Pernille Pedersen Academic Officer Billede af Malene Pernille Pedersen
Maria Eriksen HR Consultant Billede af Maria Eriksen
Marianne Høyer Gindeberg Administrative Officer Billede af Marianne Høyer Gindeberg
Maya Isabella Sanchez Saxtoft Student Billede af Maya Isabella Sanchez Saxtoft
Pia Munk Banche Administrative Officer Billede af Pia Munk Banche
Pia Persson Payroll Assistant Billede af Pia Persson
Tanja Anna Bergstein Administrative Officer Billede af Tanja Anna Bergstein
Trine Momme Rosendal Senior Consultant Billede af Trine Momme Rosendal