International Staff Mobility

International Staff Mobility (ISM) supports international recruitment and postings at UCPH.

The section offers consultancy to international employees, enrolled PhD students, managers and HR centres on admission, stays and work in Denmark, as well as advising researchers, PhD students, managers and HR centres on postings abroad. The section also handles the processing of all applications for stays in Denmark, researcher tax and social security cases.

The section also offers services and events to international researchers and their families, as well as being involved in networking and gathering new knowledge about international recruitment.

You can also contact this section for more information about The Language Policy at UCPH and options for (further) competency development in Danish and/or English language skills.

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Tlf: 35 32 44 60

Krystalgade 25
DK-1172 København K

Employees in International Staff Mobility

The following employees work at International Staff Mobility, Shared HR

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
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Anna Avanesian Mørch Academic Officer Billede af Anna Avanesian Mørch
Beate Bruss Senior Global Mobility Consultant Billede af Beate Bruss
Carina Belle Jensen Global Mobility Consultant Billede af Carina Belle Jensen
Christopher Sylvest Hermann Academic Officer Billede af Christopher Sylvest Hermann
Dorte Tornehave Kampman Administrative Officer Billede af Dorte Tornehave Kampman
Jo Ebert Håkonsson Special Consultant Billede af Jo Ebert Håkonsson
Kasper Ørnskov Global Mobility Consultant Billede af Kasper Ørnskov
Katrine Sandahl Mortensen Student Billede af Katrine Sandahl Mortensen
Mark de Vos Group Leader Billede af Mark de Vos
Mary Kagendo Kobia Special Consultant Billede af Mary Kagendo Kobia
Silke Karina Igel Student Billede af Silke Karina Igel
Vilma Yawl Sølberg Student Billede af Vilma Yawl Sølberg
Vivian Tos Lindgaard Senior Consultant with personnel management Billede af Vivian Tos Lindgaard