70% is how much the University has reduced its CO2 emissions since 2006

The result has been achieved through the University’s own energy efficiency measures and through the green transition of the energy supply in Denmark.

The University's CO2-emissions 
per FTE (Full-time equivalent) in tons

The University’s 2020 target – which is now achieved – was a 65 percent reduction of CO2 emissions per full-time equivalent relative to 2006, corresponding to CO2 emissions per full-time equivalent of a maximum of 0.8 tons in 2020.

The University’s objective and calculated CO2 emissions include energy consumption and work-related transport, including air travelling. The University is working to determine its overall climate footprint.

The increase from 2017 to 2018 was due to the full commissioning of Maersk Tower, a slight decrease in the number of FTEs and the fact that 2018 was not a windy year, which meant less renewable energy in the energy supply.