1,293 billion € in revenue
0.461 billion € in equity

Income 2022

The table shows the University's income distributed on different areas. The figures are from the statistical data supplied to Universities Denmark.

1.1 full-time degree programme 1,946,782
1.1.A Base subsidies 462,261
1.1.B Decentralised base subsidies 2,078
1.1.C Compensation subsidies -
1.1.D Small humanities disciplines 6,960
1.1.E Other education subsidies 17,797
1.1.F Study activity subsidies 1,304,657
1.1.G Study base subsidies 72,921
1.1.H Employment bonus 56,909
1.1.I Quality subsidies -
1.1.J Internationalisation subsidies 9,656
1.1.K Scholarships 13,544
1.2 Part time education 12,722
1.2.A Study activity subsidies 12,722
1.3 Education subsidies from other ministries 33,542
1.3.A Education subsidies from the Danish Ministry of Children and Education 33,542
1.3.B Education subsidies from other ministries -
1.4 Subsidies for other purposes 268,154
1.4.A Regulation of subsidies SEA reform -170,857
1.4.B Other purposes 439,011
1.5 Subsidies for research and development 3,060,729
1.5.A Base subsidies for research from the Ministry of Education 3,060,729
1.6 Subsidies for research-based public-sector services 69,783
1.6.A Base subsidies, research-based public-sector services (UFM) 23,819
1.6.B Other subsidies, research-based public-sector services (other ministries) 45,964
1.6.C of which research -
1.7 Special subsidies 608
1.7.A Accrued project subsidies via documents -
1.7.B Other special subsidies 608
2.1 Subsidy financed research 3,316,924
2.1.A Subsidies for research from Danish public sources 904,313
2.1.B Subsidies for research from Danish private sources 1,863,123
2.1.C Subsidies for research from EU 403,573
2.1.D Subsidies for research from other foreign sources 145,915
2.1.E Of which overhead 363,095
2.2 Other subsidies 105,329
2.2.A Other subsidy financed activities 105,329
2.2.B Of which overhead 3,596
2.3 Accrued plant donations 0
2.3.A Accrued plant donations 0
2.4 External requisitioner payment 0
2.4.A Activated 0
3.1 Course activities (commercial activities) 10,606
3.2 Forensic medicine services 219,792
3.3 Other sales of goods and services 337,013
3.3.A Other sales etc, commercial activities 94,512
3.3.B Other sales etc, general activities 242,500
4.1 Tuition fees, full-time degree programmes 54,279
4.2 Tuition fees, part-time programmes 37,322
4.3 Rental of rooms and equipment 64,961
4.4 Sale of buildings, land and tangible assets 705
4.5 Boarding units and residence halls 3,296
4.6 Other revenues 96,990
4.6.A Revenues from Trans-Tech companies 0
4.6.B Other revenues from 2022 96,990
4.6.C Other revenues 2007-2021 (discontinued) 00
5.1 Financial items (netto) -183,239

In DKK '000.

Total income9,456,298

Annual income 2022

The annual income can be found in the Annual Report:

Income before financial items (annual income)


In DKK '000.

Operating expenses 2022

The table shows the University's expenses distributed on different areas. The figures are from the Annual Report 2022.

Staff expenses 5,898,162
Rent 1,052,310
Depreciation, amortisation and impairment 187,928
Loss from the sale of buildings and impairment of buildings for sale 1,776
Other operating expenses
Total operating expenses 9,691,879

In DKK '000.

Profit for the year 2022

Income 9,639,537
Expenses 9,691,879
Result for the year -52,341

In DKK '000.

Balance sheet 2022

The table shows the University's equity.

1.1 Net worth in DKK 3,436,976
1.2 Balance in DKK (positive balance) 8,984,713

In DKK '000.

Operating expenses by purpose 2022

The table illustrates the university's costs by purpose. The figures were taken from the annual report 2022. The Danish Agency for Higher Education and science has a letter of 9. June 2021 granted the universities an exemption from the joint Annual report template in relation to the layout of the results of the result, with a view to enabling the universities to report on the costs in the profit and loss account. The exemption means that, in a note to the profit and loss account (note 5), the universities must also include a set up of the institution's costs by purpose according to the same principles as the cost page of the results, which is stated in the Joint Annual report template and the associated accounting and distribution guidelines 2022.
Education 1,849,810
Research and development 4,293,222
Dissemination and knowledge exchange 215,231
Public-sector services, advisory service and other services 295,337
Boarding unit and residence halls 7,713
General joint expenses 1,010,155
Buildings and building operations 2,020,410
Total operating expenses by purpose


In DKK '000.

Deviations of totals may occur on the last digit due to rounding-off.