Research and research dissemination

3,086 working on a PhD program
12,982 research publications in 2017 *
5,000 grant-funded research projects

PhD programme 2018

The table shows the number of students currently studying for a PhD and the number of completed PhDs.

1. PhD students

1.1 Total number of active PhD students 3,086
1.2 Number of PhD students enrolled in 2015 884
1.3 Number of approved dissertations 811

Research and dissemination results 2018

The table shows the number of publications researchers have published during the year.

1. Research and dissemination results

1.1 Research publications 12,982
1.2 Publications in accordance with the BFI categories 10,353
1.3 Educational publications 105

Outreach 2018

The table shows the number of grant-funded research projects the University is involved in, and the source of the grants. This could be research projects funded wholly or partially by Danish or international foundations and businesses.

1. Grant-funded research projects

1.1 Number of grant-funded research projects 5,000
A. Danish public funds 1,887
B. Danish private funds 2,199
C. EU 461
D. Foreign funds 453

* Research and educational publications for 2018 were reported in June 2019. The figures for 2018 can be seen in the 2019 annual report.