Jan S. Hesthaven

Board member Jan S. Hesthaven

General Information

Born 10 December 1965


2009     Dr.Techn, Technical University of Denmark

1995     PhD, Technical University of Denmark

1991     MSc Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Current Occupation

2017-             Dean of EPFL School of Basic Science, EPFL, CH

2014-             Academic Director, Scientific Computing and Application Support, EPFL, CH

2013-             Professor of Mathematics, EPFL. CH

2013-             Chair of Computational Mathematics and Simulation Science, EPFL, CH

2007-             Adjunct Professor, DTU

Prior Occupations

2014-2017     President, Center for Advanced Modeling Science, CH

2013-2016     Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, US

2010-2013     Founding Deputy Director, Institute for Computational and Experimental Mathematics, Brown University, US

2006-2013     Founding Director, Center for Computation and Visualization, Brown University, US

2006-2010     Associate Chair of Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, US

2005-2013     Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, US

2002-2005     Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, US

1999-2002     Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, US

1995-1998     Visiting Assistant Professor, Brown University, US

1995-1998     NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University, US

Other Positions (boards, memberships, etc.)

2010              Member of evaluation committee for SIMULA Research Laboratory (Norway)

2012              Chairman of evaluation committee for Research in Information and Communication Technology in Norway: An Evaluation (Norway)

2013              Chairman of evaluation committee for INRIA Research Theme I: Computational Models and Simulation: External Evaluation (France)

2017              Chairman of evaluation committee for SIMULA Research Laboratory (Norway)

2018              Chairman of evaluation committee for INRIA Research Theme Earth, Environmental and Energy Sciences, France

2019              Member of Expert Committee for allocating basic research funds and research quality, Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark

2020              Chair of  evaluation committee for mathematical science programmes in Cyprus

Other Research Related Assignments

Editor in Chief, SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, SIAM Publishing, USA

Editorial board member of Journal of Computational Physics, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis, Numerische Mathematik, Journal of Scientific Computing.

Evaluator of research applications for US Airforce of Scientific Research, US National Science Foundation, European Research Council, Research Council of Ireland, Research Council of the Netherlands, Agence Nationale de la Recherche, Swiss National Science Foundation

20 years' experience with industrial collaborations, including with businesses and organisations such as NASA (USA), Comsol (Sweden), Hypercomp Inc (USA), and Akselos SA (Switzerland)

Permanent member of several Scientific Advisory Boards for international conferences

Awards and fellowships

2014     SIAM Fellow, Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIAM), Philadelphia, USA

2004     Philip J. Bray Award for Teaching Excellence in the Physical Sciences, Brown University, USA

2002     NSF Career Award, National Science Foundation, USA

2001     Manning Assistant Professorship, Brown University, USA

2000     Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, USA

1995     NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Science Foundation, USA