Help for login

Find below help and instructions for logging into the University of Copenhagen's systems.


Follow the relevant link or instruction below:


Follow 3 steps to log in for the first time on the university’s systems:

1) Create password. Choose what fits:

2) Choose a way to multi-factor authenticate and follow the guide:

3) Log in to the University of Copenhagen's systems,






If you're having trouble logging in and you know your password, try:

  • Contact UCPH IT Support
    If you have followed the instructions and you still have problems logging in, call UCPH IT Support on telephone:
    (+45) 35 32 32 32



You have several different options for multi-factor authentication. Here you can find guides for all the methods:

  1. NetIQ app
    To use the NetIQ app you need to install and register it on
    Install and register the app.

  2. MitID
    To use MitID you must have a Danish social security number and MitID.
    How to log in with MitID.

  3. USB security key / Yubikey
    To use a USB security key / Yubikey, you must first order and register it.
    Students: USB security key instructions.
    Employee: Yubikey instructions.

  4. Only for students: SMS
    To use SMS, you must be associated with the university as a student, and register your phone number.
    How to use SMS and register your mobile number.
    Update your mobile number