US Digital

US Digital is a section in Education & Students at the University of Copenhagen. We are the central office that ensures that the University's procedures and workflows within education are enhanced by technology.

We are responsible for digitisation projects in education and serve as the project and portfolio secretariat across Education & Students.

Our core task is to turn user needs, new legislation and the like into concrete solutions in the form of common practices or major change projects.

Our main tasks:

  • Ensuring effective processes and workflows.
  • Driving digitisation projects and keeping an overview of the education portfolio.
  • Providing support and system ownership for the study administrative systems.

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Abdulla Salih Special Consultant +4535325999 E-mail
Amalie Fransiska Heugert Mørck Student   E-mail
Anders E. Larsen Special Consultant +4535322268 E-mail
Anna Sofie Almegaard Senior Consultant +4535334273 E-mail
Annette Elmue Senior Consultant +4535322882 E-mail
Annette Sofie Agabalian Academic Officer   E-mail
Camilla Aros Borch Verdier Administrative Officer +4535331338 E-mail
Caroline Borup-Jørgensen Academic Officer +4535326332 E-mail
Cilline Elene Mølkær Academic Officer +4535328485 E-mail
Denny Damgaard Nielsen Special Consultant +4535325902 E-mail
Dimitar Biserov Temelkov Special Consultant +4535322651 E-mail
Dorte M.E. Jensen Senior Consultant +4535323452 E-mail
Esben Nielsen External Consultant   E-mail
Henriette Bülow la Cour Special Consultant +4535335983 E-mail
Henriette Eskelund-Hansen Senior Consultant +4535333733 E-mail
Henrik Sundin Special Consultant +4535326761 E-mail
Jesper Vang Møller Special Consultant +4535336311 E-mail
Karen Inger Pasquali Povlsen Special Consultant +4535333384 E-mail
Katrine Pram Nielsen Special Consultant +4535332506 E-mail
Lars Strøbæk Academic Officer +4535324573 E-mail
Line Hammerum Gregersen Special Consultant +4535324113 E-mail
Maria Schmelling Minard Special Consultant   E-mail
Matthias Jon Sørensen Academic Officer +4535337736 E-mail
Mette Low Wittrup Sørensen Senior Consultant +4535336979 E-mail
Nina Junker Pedersen Student +4535325871 E-mail
Pia Roe Andersen Academic Officer +4535335097 E-mail
Rikke Østergaard Bendsen Academic Officer +4535325830 E-mail
Ruth Horak Senior Consultant +4535326315 E-mail
Sandra V. B. Vu Academic Officer +4535328629 E-mail
Sigrid Studt-Kristiansen Special Consultant   E-mail
Stefan Nordgaard Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535333614 E-mail
Stine Kirkeskov Grue Special Consultant   E-mail