Employment law and Occupational Health & Safety

The section Employment Law and Occupational Health & Safety is responsible for interpretation and consultancy on employment law and health and safety matters, committee and public sector services, development of staff policy and working environment at the university, and for work-related injuries, employee benefits and gender equality. The section is responsible for the implementation of legislation within the HR and occupational health & safety areas and for providing common procedures, work routines and overall processes within the two areas.

The section is headed by Lis Henriksen Bak, with Ingrid Skovsmose as health & safety manager and head of the health & safety team.

Questions about employment law issues and policies regarding recruitment, maternity/paternity leave and resignation may be sent to the employment law team at HR-personalejura@adm.ku.dk or you can find the employee you are looking for under ‘Employees’. Questions about occupational health & safety, employee benefits and gender equality may be sent to amos@adm.ku.dk or you can find the employee you are looking for under ‘Employees’.