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Information about video subtitles and accessibility

Videos uploaded after 23 September 2020 have to be given subtitles (transcript). This is  according to the Accessibility Act, which you can read more about on the Danish Digitization Agency's (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen) website here:

Therefore, the editors of will assist you with adding subtitles for your videos. To provide a good accessibility service, we will give all videos on the website subtitles. It is an automated transcription, and the editor will run it through to adjust and ensure correctness. However, we can not ensure correctness in the translation concerning use of specific scientific terminology. The editors will contact the contributor, if in doubt. The editors will also ensure that meta data is entered according to best-practice for each video.

Subtitles can also be ordered by you as a contributor, through the same transcript service. Login to, and under your video, choose Actions menu > choose Captions & Enrich. The video transcription will be processed and afterwords it is easy to adjust the transcript (click the pencil to edit). 

Promoting and highlighting content

The editors reserve the right to display your video in selected playlists, eg as highlighted content on the front page, or to place a video under several suitable categories, eg under the menu item conferences.

Contact to editors:

If you have questions or comments about subtitles, or if you do not want the editors to highlight your content on, please contact editor Birgitte Munk,