Communication councils

The University of Copenhagen's overall interdisciplinary communications council is known as KUSK - short for the University of Copenhagen’s Strategic Communication Council. The Council has a coordinating sub-committee called KUKK. Below, you can read more about them.

KUSK - The University’s Strategic Communication Council

The council advises the rectorate and senior management on communication strategic issues and is to promote cross-organisational activities within the university's communication.

The council was established in the wake of an external report which concluded that the university should strengthen its internal and external communication and work more purposefully to increase the visibility of the university both nationally and internationally.

KUSK is chaired by Rector Henrik C. Wegener. Members include the Director of Communication as well as one member from each faculty, typically the dean or the associate dean for external relations, communication etc. Meetings are held two-three times a year. 

Read the mandate of KUSK (in Danish)

KUKK - The Communication Coordination Committee

The committee is a subcommittee to the Strategic Communication Council whose task is to optimise, co-ordinate and evaluate the university's communication activities including preparing action plans and marketing in connection with Open House campaigns.

The committee was set up by senior management and holds meetings approx. four times a year. The Director for Communication, Jasper Steen Winkel, chairs the committee. Members include the faculties' heads of communication and representatives of University Education Services.

Read the mandate of KUKK (in Danish)