Board of Representatives

The Board of Representatives acts as the Rector’s strategic sounding board by inspiring and strengthening the university’s work through identification and acknowledgement of (topical) issues. The representatives, who are appointed by the faculties’ advisory boards, contribute to UCPH’s strategy work through their own experiences and ideas.

Beyond acting as the Rector’s strategic sounding board, the Board of Representatives is also in charge of appointing six members from the corporate sector and governmental authorities as well as from other research and educational institutions etc. for an appointment committee, which appoints external members to the Board at UCPH.

The Board of Representatives holds three annual meetings.


The Board of Representatives holds three annual meetings to which extraordinary meetings may occur. At the meetings, the representatives discuss topical themes, projects, and initiatives, and they evaluate already implemented projects and initiatives.

The Rector attends the meetings with the Board of Representatives unless appointment of new members to the appointment committee is on the agenda.