Development & Systems UCPH IT

Development & Systems is led by a head of section and consists of six groups, each with its own group lead:

  • Licence Management & Reporting: Management of supplier and licence agreements, IT contracts and administration of mobile telephony at UCPH
  • Project Management & Processes: Project management of large UCPH projects, consultancy support and counselling as well as maintenance and development of project tools and models
  • Robots & Forms: Process analyses and automation and development and maintenance of electronic forms
  • System Management & Control: System management and administration as well as resource management in UCPH IT and agreement concepts for business applications
  • Test & Staff: Test strategies and consultancy, management support and reporting and budget and financial support.
  • Development: Development and maintenance of UCPH IT-operated systems and services and the University’s system development model.


Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Ahmad Abdallah Barakji Consultant   E-mail
Allan Rejnholdt Jensen Consultant   E-mail
Anders Carstensen Egeberg External Consultant   E-mail
Anders Kvist No job title   E-mail
Andreas Brodersen External Consultant   E-mail
Anette Adzersen IT Project Manager +4535333462 E-mail
Anette Thomsen Systems Manager +4535332205 E-mail
Anne Oddershede Larsen External Consultant   E-mail
Annette Ibsen External Consultant +4535322389 E-mail
BAC BACBRUGER Systems Manager   E-mail
Behzad Naderi Systems Developer +4535322819 E-mail
Benny Fruelund Kjærside Group Leader +4535322836 E-mail
Bjørn Rasmussen IT Controller +4520204408 E-mail
Bo Faklev Consultant   E-mail
Brit Demskov Systems Manager +4535331395 E-mail
Carl-Albert Demidoff IT Project Manager   E-mail
Caroline Ruskov Bach Senior Consultant +4593509957 E-mail
Carsten Gemmer Hanghøj Systems Manager +4525777531 E-mail
Carsten Henriksen Systems Manager +4535331599 E-mail
Carsten Høyer Special Consultant +4535322598 E-mail
Casper Jørgensen Special Consultant +4535334065 E-mail
Cecilie Brejner Therkildsen Academic Officer +4535337774 E-mail
Charlotte Hoffmann Consultant   E-mail
Charlotte de Gøtzsche Frederiksen Systems Developer +4535322808 E-mail
Christina Myrup Group Leader +4528494453 E-mail
Christoffer Theill-Olsen Web Developer +4535330741 E-mail
Christopher Gooch External Consultant   E-mail
Clara Anahi Friis-Rasmussen IT Project Manager +4551701070 E-mail
Claus Michael Grainger IT Project Manager +4535333515 E-mail
David Beaney No job title   E-mail
Egon Von Bech Madsen Systems Developer Oracle BI Developer +4535322398 E-mail
Elisabeth Casas Casanova Systems Manager +4535324702 E-mail
Emil Graae Norsker External Consultant   E-mail
Erling Otto IT Developer +4535323574 E-mail
Eva Simone Wesenberg IT Project Manager +4535324642 E-mail
Finn Larsen Consultant +4526794066 E-mail
First Agenda Integration External   E-mail
Frank Jaffa Consultant +4540741161 E-mail
Gert Kiebler Special Consultant +4535330057 E-mail
Hanne Ragn-Hansen IT Project Manager +4535336084 E-mail
Heini Leander Ovason External Consultant   E-mail
Henrik Amfelt Consultant   E-mail
Henrik Christian Larsen IT Project Manager +4535331919 E-mail
Ian-Henrik Stokholm Berg Group Leader +4535324792 E-mail
Jacob Hartmann Berg IT Project Manager +4535324369 E-mail
Jakob Platz External Consultant   E-mail
Jan Hansen Consultant +4530451730
Janni B Data Technician Trainee +4535333503 E-mail
Jean-Marc B. Pedersen External   E-mail
Jeanette Hjort External Consultant   E-mail
Jens Krog Mørup External Consultant   E-mail
Jesper Nielsen IT Developer +4535333280 E-mail
Jette Skovlund Svendsen Systems Manager +4593563658 E-mail
John Carnell Consultant   E-mail
John Erik Rønne Ekberg Systems Developer +4535322839 E-mail
John Thystrup Jensen Team Manager +4535322871 E-mail
Jonas Brink Worsøe Special Consultant +4535334699 E-mail
Jonna Jürgensen Special Consultant Test Manager +4535329357 E-mail
Jürgen Uwe Kuhn Consultant +4535327134 E-mail
KUMAT Integration External   E-mail
Kaare Pedersen External Consultant   E-mail
Karsten Schrøder IT Project Manager +4535329445 E-mail
Katrine Cornelius Mørkeberg Systems Manager +4535335786 E-mail
Katrine Kjærsgaard Consultant   E-mail
Kenneth Lindholm Group Leader +4535327791 E-mail
Kent Raun Petersen External Consultant   E-mail
Kirsten Mathiasen Head of Section +4535334193 E-mail
Kirsten Mittå Madsen Systems Manager +4535323980 E-mail
Klaus Brøgger No job title   E-mail
Lahbib Marouan External Consultant   E-mail
Lars Peter Thomsen Consultant   E-mail
Liv Christoffersen External Consultant   E-mail
Lucas Ladjevardi Hansen Data Technician Trainee +4535323436 E-mail
Mads Blume Dam External Consultant   E-mail
Magnus Ask Klemmensen Kirk Student Assistant +4535329465 E-mail
Maiken Ventrup Forsmark IT Project Manager +4535331220 E-mail
Maja Hindberg Gliese Systems Manager +4535326199 E-mail
Malthe Dencker Petersen Systems Manager +4535322762 E-mail
Maria Danborg Irvall Data Technician Trainee +4535326496 E-mail
Martin Rask Systems Manager +4535325021 E-mail
Mathias Ege Pontoppidan Clausen Data Technician Trainee +4535328770 E-mail
Mette Getreuer Thyme Eliasen Project Coordinator +4535323812 E-mail
Michala L. Web Developer +4535335119 E-mail
Mikael Vanggaard Jensen Consultant   E-mail
Mikkel Nielsen Systems Developer +4535326123 E-mail
Mikkel Ohm Søndergaard IT Project Manager +4535325218 E-mail
Mikkel Vagn Christiansen External Consultant   E-mail
Mobility Online Integration External   E-mail
Mohammad Atique Team Manager +4535334785 E-mail
Nikolaos Paximadakis Systems Developer +4535332916 E-mail
Nis Kappel Sørensen IT Project Manager +4535328145 E-mail
Oliver Brücker Skau Web Developer +4535329831 E-mail
Oskar Ude Jørgensen IT Officer +4535326202 E-mail
Otto Iohannes Kirk IT Controller +4535324855 E-mail
Pankaj Tulshiram Yergude Special Consultant +4535323347 E-mail
Peter Ekholm Sørensen Systems Developer +4535326791 E-mail
Peter Ivanov External Consultant   E-mail
Peter Kruse Rasmussen Systems Manager +4535324359 E-mail
Peter Rye Consultant   E-mail
Peter Sloth IT Controller +4535334381 E-mail
Ralph Ferré Koch Systems Developer +4535323241 E-mail
Rasmus Vestergaard Group Leader +4593509436 E-mail
Regin Egholm Olsen Systems Manager +4535334414 E-mail
René West External Consultant   E-mail
Richard Dennis External Consultant +4593565337 E-mail
Rune Beckgaard Holm External Consultant   E-mail
STADS DANS External   E-mail
Sascha Rosalina B Gammelby Data Technician Trainee +4535322988 E-mail
Simon Elhøj Steinmejer Consultant   E-mail
Simon Thamsen Consultant   E-mail
Steen Hagensen Systems Manager +4535333958 E-mail
Steffen Rasmussen Systems Developer +4520451418 E-mail
Sune Gamby Systems Developer +4535324737 E-mail
Sune Kristensen No job title   E-mail
Susan Spragge Group Leader IT Manager +4535329814 E-mail
Svend Elgaard Jensen Consultant   E-mail
Søren Højbjerg IT Developer +4535332774 E-mail
Terkel Christian Bisgaard Systems Manager +4535329856 E-mail
Thomas Battle Consultant   E-mail
Thomas Bøgh Melgarejo IT Developer +4535327397 E-mail
Thomas Mathias Nielsen Web Developer +4535322061 E-mail
Thorbjørn Steen External Consultant   E-mail
Thuan Bui Systems Developer +4535322617 E-mail
Tim Olsson Systems Manager +4535327375 E-mail
Tine Uhrup Nissen Senior Consultant +4535334552 E-mail
Torben Brogaard Systems Manager +4535322705 E-mail
Ulrik Larsen Systems Developer +4535334867 E-mail
Wayne Collins External   E-mail