Support UCPH IT

Employees in the Support section of UCPH IT.

NOTE! If you need IT support, do not contact the employees below directly. Instead, create a ticket in Serviceportal or call UCPH IT Support on Tel. +45 35 32 32 32.

UCPH IT Support is led by a head of section and consists of seven groups:

  • Four support centres (City Campus, Frederiksberg Campus, North Campus and South Campus): Help users with their IT work equipment and the UCPH services that they use – and are responsible for setting up and installing UCPH programs as well as delivering IT equipment that has been ordered. 
  • Staff
  • Procurement & Deliverables: Agreements with suppliers of IT equipment as well as delivery of IT equipment to the support centres and collection of large amounts of used IT equipment.
  • Telesupport: Administration of rights to shared administrative systems and installation of S-drives (secure drives)

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Aage T. Andersen Group Leader +4535323245 E-mail
Aasta Hansen Student Assistant   E-mail
Aiah Taleb Agha Student Assistant   E-mail
Alberte Bøggild Student Assistant +4535329830 E-mail
Alexander Kirkemoe Skou-Larsen Student Assistant   E-mail
Alexander Simon Andersen IT Officer +4535328027 E-mail
Amalie Busk-Jepsen Student Assistant   E-mail
Aneesa Iqbal Student Assistant +4535335572 E-mail
Anthony Keanu Bangsbøll Dunn IT Supporter +4535324280 E-mail
Benjamin Birk Christophersen Student   E-mail
Bent Brier Hansen IT Officer +4535322998 E-mail
Birte Dorthe Pilemann-Jensen IT Officer +4535332825 E-mail
Bjarne Christensen Group Leader +4535335515 E-mail
Bjørn Johansen Consultant   E-mail
Bo Høi Jensen IT Officer   E-mail
Bo Nyvang Andersen IT Officer +4535334109 E-mail
Brian Rosenquist IT Officer +4535323543 E-mail
Carsten Grønvold IT Officer +4535324723 E-mail
Christian Lindeskov Ingendahl IT Supporter +4535331249 E-mail
Christoffer Di Caterino IT Officer   E-mail
Christoffer Winther-Petersen IT Officer   E-mail
Claus Hansen IT Officer +4535324247 E-mail
Claus Højfeldt IT Officer +4535324500 E-mail
Daniel Jespersen IT Officer +4535335760 E-mail
Daniel Tari Schnefeldt IT Officer   E-mail
Dorte Winkel Ravn Communications Adviser +4535336092 E-mail
Ea Birchvig Andreassen IT Officer   E-mail
Emil Kaas Tøgersen IT Officer +4535333816 E-mail
Fadumo Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Student Assistant   E-mail
Faramarz Rasouli-Baghban IT Officer +4535332110 E-mail
Frederik Kimmer Børresen Student Assistant   E-mail
Gerner Jørgensen IT Officer +4523840127 E-mail
Hannan Abdirahman Hussen Hassan Student Assistant +4535329027 E-mail
Henrik Ingerslev Group Leader +4535324712 E-mail
Holger Ove Lückow Student Assistant   E-mail
Hossein Ehsani IT Officer +4535336537 E-mail
Hozan Bekas IT Officer +4535332557 E-mail
Humaira Sohail IT Officer +4535326131 E-mail
Jakob G. L. Jørgensen Head of Section +4535328935 E-mail
Jakob Sproegel Pedersen IT Officer +4535329655 E-mail
Janus Bo Lundager IT Officer +4535324750 E-mail
Jaybie Cotong Garcia IT Officer +4535329869 E-mail
Jenni Lilja Merdovic Student Assistant +4535323773 E-mail
Jeppe Traberg No job title   E-mail
Jesper Juul Keller, KU-IT IT Officer +4535335761 E-mail
John Ejvind Wrisberg IT Officer +4535324743 E-mail
Jonas Nielsen IT Officer   E-mail
Jonas Reinhold Balsby Student Assistant +4535326398 E-mail
Josias Yde Salomonsen Student Assistant +4535321281 E-mail
Julie Elisabeth Brantley Boesen Student Assistant +4535329959 E-mail
Karim Mohibes IT Officer +4535322667 E-mail
Kevin Han Yuan Student Assistant +4535328815 E-mail
Kim Hellemann Sørensen IT Officer +4535333525 E-mail
Klaus Henrik Anekjær Grejs IT Officer +4535324051 E-mail
Kristian Lilholt Team Manager +4535327218 E-mail
Kristoffer Hjorth Ulbæk Student Assistant   E-mail
Lars Palmqvist IT Officer +4551300624 E-mail
Lars Skibsted IT Officer +4535333459 E-mail
Laura Filt Boddum Student Assistant   E-mail
Laura Graves Hvid IT Supporter +4535331453 E-mail
Lene Måneblomst IT Officer +4535330945 E-mail
Liva Filippa Fischer Kruckow Student Assistant, IT Adviser   E-mail
Lukas Simonsen Student Assistant +4535330172 E-mail
Lærke Damsgaard Stald Student Assistant   E-mail
Mads Andresen Student Assistant +4535331827 E-mail
Magnus Michaelsen Stæhr Student Assistant +4535336326 E-mail
Maj Kirstine Andreasen Nielsen Student Assistant   E-mail
Marcus Samuel Student Assistant +4535329062 E-mail
Maria Tarek Barbour Student Assistant +4535326350 E-mail
Martin Ladegaard-Mortensen IT Officer +4535333240 E-mail
Martin Mondrup Mielche IT Officer +4535324739 E-mail
Martin Peter Richter Spliid Group Leader +4526282200 E-mail
Mette Baungaard Student Assistant   E-mail
Michael B S IT Officer   E-mail
Michael Beicker Team Manager +4535334767 E-mail
Michael K IT Officer +4535320149 E-mail
Michael Olesen IT Officer +4535324321 E-mail
Mie Louise Erbs IT Supporter +4535321457 E-mail
Mie Rasmussen IT Officer +4535326464 E-mail
Mikkel Frederik Almind Jensen Student Assistant +4535330288 E-mail
Mikkel Kern Hasselmark Student Assistant   E-mail
Milan Mitic IT Officer +4535322620 E-mail
Mille Roland Thostrup Student Assistant +4535336297 E-mail
Mogens Abildgaard IT Officer +4535332038 E-mail
Monira Akter IT Supporter +4535321467 E-mail
Morten Bo Hansen IT Officer +4535333504 E-mail
Nanakjot Singh Student Assistant +4535321553 E-mail
Nazia Tufail IT Officer +4560520625 E-mail
Nicholai Christian Skov Jørgensen IT Officer +4535332999 E-mail
Nicolai Højdal Christensen Student Assistant +4535330641 E-mail
Nicolai Morten Christiansen IT Supporter, Trainee +4535329665 E-mail
Nicoline Dolmer Skov Student Assistant +4535326664 E-mail
Niklas Johannesen Student Assistant   E-mail
Nikolai Malewski Autzen IT Supporter, Trainee +4535326872 E-mail
Nikolas Vardianos IT Officer   E-mail
Nurten Secilmis IT Supporter, Trainee +4535326703 E-mail
Ole Bested IT Officer +4535329098 E-mail
Patrick Svensson Team Manager   E-mail
Patrick Thams-Dimon IT Officer +4535323232 E-mail
Peter Munck Group Leader +4521406252 E-mail
Pia Castello Jensen IT Officer +4535325168 E-mail
Raheel Mahdy Mahmoud IT Officer +4535327226 E-mail
Rasmus Borch Jensen IT Supporter, Trainee +4535321577 E-mail
Risto Tashev IT Officer +4535325758 E-mail
Robby Nambino IT Officer +4535329171 E-mail
Rolf Østergaard Dosanjh-Jensen IT Officer +4593509934 E-mail
Rune Djurup IT Supporter, Trainee +4535332630 E-mail
Saad Abbas Al-Zubeidi IT Officer +4535324749 E-mail
Simon Holm Clausen Student Assistant +4535333949 E-mail
Sofie Ljungquist Lyck Student Assistant +4535326082 E-mail
Steen B. Kelså IT Officer IT support +4528753422 E-mail
Stefan Merdovic Student Assistant +4535321269 E-mail
Sussie Rasmussen IT Officer +4535322594 E-mail
Svend Bang IT Officer +4535323237 E-mail
Terese Bersenaite Freltoft Student Assistant   E-mail
Tobias Klysner Christensen Team Manager +4535335763 E-mail
Torben Johansen IT Officer +4535329411 E-mail
Tristan Normann Lander Olsen IT Supporter +4535324997 E-mail
Tu Tri Huynh IT Officer +4535325966 E-mail
Viktor Oliver Voigt Stage Student Assistant +4535334667 E-mail