Communication & Management Support UCPH IT

Communication & Management Support is a staff function of UCPH IT. The section is responsible for the following areas:

  • Secretarial services and staff administration
  • Support for operational, tactical and strategic IT tasks
  • IT-related communication
  • Communication consultancy
  • Administration of UCPH IT’s web portals

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Anne-Mette Eliasen Division Secretary +4535324953 E-mail
Duha Basim Al-Baharani Student +4535325212 E-mail
Johanne Luplau Schnefeld Management Consultant Ledelseskonsulent +4535336389 E-mail
Josephine Burr Communications Officer +4535324715 E-mail
Karen Rahbek Deputy Director +4535323873 E-mail
Louise Albrechtsen Special Consultant Webmaster and Communications consultant +4535333136 E-mail
Michelle Willemoes Jørgensen Student +4535333856 E-mail
Mille Haugaard Simonsen Communications Officer +4535336476 E-mail
Morten Hetmar Vestergaard Academic Officer +4535334324 E-mail
Nanna Engedal Management and Organisational Consultant +4535327421 E-mail
Nikolaj Gam-Krog Management Consultant Ledelseskonsulent +4535337647 E-mail
Pia Jølner Secretariat Staff +4535322647 E-mail
Rikke Mandrup Hansen Head of Secretariat +4535334294 E-mail
Saif Ali Tahir Student +4535323381 E-mail
Ulrik Grimstrup Special Consultant +4535323820 E-mail
Ulrik Sørensen Rohde Senior Consultant +4561653165 E-mail