Research Support UCPH IT

Staff in Research Support of UCPH IT.

Research Support is led by a head of section and consists of two groups with each their group lead:

  • Research Applications & HPC: Operation, design, procurement, in-depth knowledge and support of research applications – including HPC systems (High Performance Computing) such as Computerome 2.

  • Consultancy & Datalab: Development and operation of the UCPH IT Datalab, consultancy to researchers regarding software, IT services, IT security, data management, etc. Responsible for identifying the need for joint UCPH licensing agreements for research software.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Alexander Roikier Møller IT Specialist +4535335071 E-mail
Benjamin Seifel-Christensen IT Officer Manager for Research System Consolidation +4535332353 E-mail
Dario Ruben Carballido IT Specialist +4535331555 E-mail
Erik Sværke Hansen Team Manager +4535332319 E-mail
Flemming Arnø External Consultant   E-mail
Helene Møller-Jensen IT Officer +4535322837 E-mail
Jakob Bruun Hansen HPC Administrator +4535324741 E-mail
Jakob Holst External Consultant   E-mail
Jasmin Jamshidi Service Delivery Manager +4535323042 E-mail
Jens Grundtmann Group Leader +4530508031 E-mail
Jonas Rank Møller Group Leader +4535336536 E-mail
Jørn Jensen HPC Administrator +4535327977 E-mail
Katja Gamby IT Project Manager +4535324744 E-mail
Lars Bülow External Consultant +4535331925 E-mail
Lyubcho Toshev External Consultant +4535331801 E-mail
Maria Gaston Andresen Academic Officer Service Delivery Manager +4535325300 E-mail
Maria Maddalena Sperotto Special Consultant Senior advisor +4535337878 E-mail
Mathias Nielsen IT Specialist +4593509964 E-mail
Niklas Køhler Christensen IT Specialist +4535323673 E-mail
Ole Jochumsen Senior Consultant Service Delivery Manager +4535323785 E-mail
Rune Frank-Hansen Head of Section +4535332004 E-mail
Sturla Bragason External Consultant +4535323834 E-mail
Tim Frederik Olsen HPC Administrator +4535327909 E-mail
Tobias Madsen Dyregaard Service Delivery Manager +4535324934 E-mail