Basic Services UCPH IT

Basic Services is led by a head of section and consists of six groups, each with its own group lead:

  • Application Management: Is responsible for the management and maintenance of Unified Communication at UCPH (KUmail, Skype, etc.), telephony – both in relation to databases, bug fixes, maintenance, monitoring and support.
  • Basic Infrastructure: Operation, maintenance and development of the University’s overall network infrastructure, intersections and firewalls, operation and development of storage and server platforms as well as securing backup of the University’s data.
  • Integrations & Identities: System management of the University’s identity management systems for handling staff and student logins.
  • Client & Print: Operation, maintenance and development of the University’s IT workplace (Client) and print solution.
  • IT Security: Ensures that the University’s basic IT and service deliveries meet the University’s information security requirements.
  • Staff & Processes: Is responsible for reporting on and process development of the University’s basic IT services.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Aage Konstantin IT Specialist +4535322814 E-mail
Abdullahi Rage IT Officer +4535327573 E-mail
Allan Andersen Group Leader +4535333269 E-mail
Allan Bruno Petersen Systems Administrator +4535325242 E-mail
Allan Clausen Network specialist +4535328666 E-mail
Amir Aslani IT Security Officer +4535332253 E-mail
Anders Blom Olsen Process Manager +4535320124 E-mail
Anders Buehlow Jürgensen Data Technician Trainee +4535327456 E-mail
Anders Mørk Consultant   E-mail
Andreas Kleissl Lund Systems Administrator +4535326498 E-mail
Andreas Mouritzen IT Technician +4535320276 E-mail
Andreas Peter Dam IT Specialist +4535337913 E-mail
Andres Francisco Aparicio External Consultant   E-mail
Anette von Magius Consultant +4535332088 E-mail
Antoni Mysona Network technician +4535323067 E-mail
Asbjørn Skødt Special Consultant +4535336983 E-mail
Benedikt Alexander Braunger IT Officer +4535336593 E-mail
Benny Valentin Nielsen Consultant   E-mail
Bent Appeldahl IT Specialist +4535334129 E-mail
Bert Mulder IT Specialist +4535322697 E-mail
Bettine Værum Christiansen Service Manager +4535323869 E-mail
Bjarke Buus External Consultant   E-mail
Bjarne Friis Project Manager +4529176834 E-mail
Bjørn R. Andersen Team Manager +4535327115 E-mail
Bo Bendix Group Leader +4535324583 E-mail
Bo Christian French IT Specialist +4535324733 E-mail
Carl Fode IT Security Specialist +4535327060 E-mail
Casper André Nielsen IT Specialist +4535328929 E-mail
Christian Andersen IT Security Officer +4535322274 E-mail
Christian Dalsgaard IT Specialist +4535322128 E-mail
Christian Grue IT Officer +4535335505 E-mail
Christian Vesth Team Manager +4535324252 E-mail
Cissy Hermanns IT Security Specialist +4529828880 E-mail
Daniel Johannessen IT Specialist +4535320346 E-mail
Daniel Lorenz Taaning Rasmussen IT Security Officer   E-mail
Daniel Stauning Systems Administrator +4535324714 E-mail
Dennis Løhde Froberg Consultant   E-mail
Derya Tas Sandermann Project Manager +4535323927 E-mail
Esben Vial Team Manager +4535334527 E-mail
Fatemeh Arabgol Special Consultant +4535335925 E-mail
Ferhat Yigen Team Manager +4535323599 E-mail
Flemming Steen Andersen IT Officer +4535324163 E-mail
Florian Poncelin Systems Administrator +4535331079 E-mail
Frederik Bjørn Rasmussen IT Specialist   E-mail
Gopal Ram Singh IT Security Specialist +4535332554 E-mail
Gry Lindholt Systems Administrator +4535321569 E-mail
Hanne Balch Petersen IT Security Specialist +4593509624 E-mail
Hans Jakob Kirk IT Security Specialist +4535323282 E-mail
Helle Bennick Process Manager +4535336851 E-mail
Henning Jensen External Consultant   E-mail
Henrik Ardal IT Specialist +4535322693 E-mail
Henrik Jeppesen IT Security Specialist +4535324830 E-mail
Henrik Kaaber Consultant   E-mail
Henrik Mikkelsen Systems Administrator +4535324745 E-mail
Henrik Rasmussen IT Specialist +4535322704 E-mail
Henrik Ursin IT Officer +4535329944 E-mail
Jacob Rasmussen External Consultant   E-mail
Jan Vilhelmsen External Consultant   E-mail
Jeanet Larsen Process Manager +4535321580 E-mail
Jens Toftgaard Nielsen Consultant   E-mail
Jeppe Laustsen External Consultant   E-mail
Jesper German Pedersen External Consultant   E-mail
Jesper Nielsen Consultant   E-mail
Jesper Nielsen Systems Administrator +4535332008 E-mail
John Lindop Systems Administrator +4535324742 E-mail
Kenni Skov Kloth Data Technician Trainee +4535333714 E-mail
Kian Lighvani IT Security Specialist +4535327315 E-mail
Kim Otto Ursin Johansen Group Leader +4535324799 E-mail
Klaus Asmus Villumsen IT Officer +4535329030 E-mail
Klaus Jakob Larsen Network technician +4535336533 E-mail
Kristian Nielsen IT Officer IT-Specialist +4535322151 E-mail
Kristoffer Jon Espholin Systems Administrator +4535334520 E-mail
Lars Josephsen IT Specialist +4535332360 E-mail
Lars Liltorp Systems Administrator +4535334864 E-mail
Lennart Amden IT Specialist +4535322015 E-mail
Lotte Darre External Consultant +4535328793 E-mail
Marianne Jenny Bengtson Group Leader +4593565346 E-mail
Martin Schrøter IT Security Specialist +4535324659 E-mail
Mathias Kildegaard External Consultant   E-mail
Mette Hoffmann Systems Manager +4535324003 E-mail
Micael Pedersen Group Leader +4528757068 E-mail
Michael Bjørn Larsen External Consultant   E-mail
Michael Holm Process Manager Change & Problem Manager +4535324605 E-mail
Michael Pierre Petersen Special Consultant +4535322618 E-mail
Michael Rune Madsen IT Specialist +4535336280 E-mail
Michael Verner Johansen IT Specialist +4535324660 E-mail
Morten Hansson Team Manager +4535324735 E-mail
Nana Baunsgaard Special Consultant Knowledge manager +4535323419 E-mail
Neil Carter External Consultant   E-mail
Nick Sorento Systems Administrator +4535325162 E-mail
Nicki Zabell No job title   E-mail
Niels Damgaard-Sørensen IT Specialist +4535324940 E-mail
Niels Werner Mortensen Systems Administrator +4528757520 E-mail
Nikolaj Lykke Rasmussen IT Specialist +4535328314 E-mail
Ole Frendved Hansen IT Security Specialist +4535330621 E-mail
Ole Hsiung Jensen IT Specialist +4535322820 E-mail
Ove Garpeman IT Developer +4535324608 E-mail
Pernille Ann Bødker Systems Manager +4535322508 E-mail
Peter Aagerup Jensen Team Manager +4535324073 E-mail
Peter Edwards External Consultant   E-mail
Peter Fischer External Consultant   E-mail
Peter Holtse IT Consultant +4535328643 E-mail
Rene Hansen Process Manager +4535331547 E-mail
René Olskjær IT Specialist +4535322038 E-mail
Robert Johannesson External Consultant +4535329501 E-mail
Sam Afzal-Houshmand IT Security Specialist +4535330043 E-mail
Sasa Dervovic Group Leader +4535324721 E-mail
Sigurd Kramer Hansen IT Specialist +4535322676 E-mail
Simon Wøhlk Olsen Systems Administrator +4535323244 E-mail
Steen Glad Rydicher Head of Section +4535322150 E-mail
Stefan August Kristensen Consultant   E-mail
Sune Ålsbøl Brandt IT Officer +4535321156 E-mail
Søren Dam IT Specialist +4535337390 E-mail
Søren Ryge IT Developer +4535326785 E-mail
Søren Skovsgaard Jensen IT Specialist +4535325064 E-mail
Tem Vedel Breum Network technician +4535327208 E-mail
Theis Sølvkjær Team Manager +4535320850 E-mail
Thomas Dam Systems Administrator +4535331718 E-mail
Thomas Jens Lauritsen Systems Administrator +4535322322 E-mail
Thomas Jensen IT Specialist +4535322674 E-mail
Thomas Tock Frederiksen External Consultant   E-mail
Tobias Andersen Data Technician Trainee +4535328956 E-mail
Tobias Hansen Team Manager +4535322847 E-mail
Torben Streibig Nielsen External +4535336227 E-mail
Yvonna Nielsen Project Manager   E-mail