Architecture UCPH IT

IT Architecture is led by a head of section and consists of two groups:

  • Architecture: Helps to plan and develop IT systems to suit users’ needs – and to ensure that IT systems are documented and delivered as agreed.
  • Consolidation: Is responsible for the consolidation programme at UCPH, which is the roll-out of a common IT standard across the University.
Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Alhussein Alseelawi IT Consultant   E-mail
Amethyst Molina Mikkelsen IT Project Manager +4535333960 E-mail
Andy Wierød Head of Section +4535324710 E-mail
Antonio Cululejevic IT Consultant   E-mail
Benjamin Seifel-Christensen Programme Manager +4535332353 E-mail
Casper Voigt External Consultant   E-mail
Fredrik Krog IT Architect +4535324576 E-mail
Helene Møller-Jensen IT Officer +4535322837 E-mail
Jan Danielsen Principal IT Architect +4535322474 E-mail
Jaybie Cotong Garcia IT Consultant   E-mail
Jesper Holm Pedersen IT Consultant   E-mail
Jonas D. Hansen IT Officer +4535324115 E-mail
Katja Gamby IT Project Manager +4535324744 E-mail
Lone Rønning Brooks IT Architect +4535331358 E-mail
Markus Kristian Hornum-Stenz IT Architect +4535324243 E-mail
Mathias Frekhaug IT Supporter, Trainee +4535325438 E-mail
Mathias Lindhard IT Consultant   E-mail
Michael Henrik Bondee Gade IT Supporter, Trainee +4535327041 E-mail
Mike Thomas Fløjborg IT Architect +4535320598 E-mail
Nuradin Jamal Adan IT Consultant   E-mail
Peter Leth Jensen IT Consultant   E-mail
Sebastian Kragh Jensen IT Architect +4535333271 E-mail
Stasia Lorentsen IT Architect +4535323486 E-mail
Sune Gamby Systems Developer +4535324737 E-mail
Sune Sehested IT Consultant   E-mail
Søren Henning Dalgaard IT Project Manager +4535336374 E-mail
Thomas Buus Ramstedt Møller IT Architect   E-mail
Thomas Have Watts IT Architect +4523839953 E-mail
Torben Johansen IT Consultant   E-mail
Torben Seir Olsen Senior Consultant +4523840020 E-mail