Education Strategy & Analysis

Education Strategy & Analyse has a number of responsibilities in Education & Students.

We are in charge of major educational strategic tasks and projects in close collaboration with the faculties, other sections in Education & Students and other departments in the Central Administration.

We do Institutional accreditation, graduate surveys, data analysis and reporting of educational data to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

We provide management services to the Director of Education and the University's senior management as well as internal staff functions in Education & Students.

We provide secretariat services to some of the University's councils and committees, for example the Academic Board on Education Strategy (KUUR) and the Study Administration Coordination Committee (SAK).

In addition, we deal with legal tasks in education, including the Rector's processing of student complaints.

Our main tasks

  • Institutional accreditation
  • Graduate surveys
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting of educational data to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Anders Hartvig Hartzen Data Analyst +4593563738 E-mail
Anne Marie Dyrberg Academic Officer +4535324142 E-mail
Carsten Glerup Academic Coordinator +4535323957 E-mail
Charlotte Baarts Analyst +4535323298 E-mail
Connie Nielsen Academic Officer Dimensionering af uddannelser. Dimittendundersøgelser (spørgeskemaer og kontakt til Rambøll). Erhvervskoordinator +4535337853 E-mail
Freja Holm Kristiansen Academic Officer   E-mail
Gitte Duemose Senior Consultant +4535323964 E-mail
Helle Birch Schmidt Senior Consultant +4535322901 E-mail
Jette Fryd Sandstrøm Administrative Officer +4535336219 E-mail
Kathrine Faust Larsen Academic Officer +4535334607 E-mail
Laura Wulff Thomassen Special Consultant +4535334301 E-mail
Lotte Lynggaard-Johansen Business relations officer +4535326407 E-mail
Louise Bysøe Special Consultant +4535336905 E-mail
Marianne Kristensen Special Consultant +4535323527 E-mail
May-Britt Brændstrup Senior Consultant +4535323569 E-mail
Peter Bøcher Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535322881 E-mail
Preben Liljendahl Senior Consultant +4535322809 E-mail
Sidsel Sauer Larsen Academic Officer +4535323825 E-mail
Signe Hove Jacobsen Academic Officer +4535333919 E-mail
Signe Nielsen Special Consultant +4535324066 E-mail
Staffan Johansen Academic Officer +4535324077 E-mail
Søren Vernegren Kirk Academic Officer +4535331242 E-mail
Tine Klovborg Schou Academic Officer   E-mail