The canal at South Campus

4. One unified and focused university

The vision to become one of the world's best universities will be fulfilled primarily through the continued enhancement of the University’s research and educational quality. All employees must support this ambition by collectively striving for an efficient and effective organisation that is clearly focused on its core activities.

Across the University, staff and students alike must work to inspire each other and help each other become even better at their job or their studies. At the same time, it should be easy for the surrounding world to draw on the University's interdisciplinary strengths. Internationally, it must be evident that UCPH is a strong international partner. This requires that the University develops its human skills and talents in all staff groups, uses its resources as efficiently as possible and operates as a unified whole. That requires employees who all contribute to the common strategic goals as well as a unified management team, which communicates clearly and provides the framework for and facilitates the development of the organisation.

4.1. An excellent environment for work and study with emphasis on diversity

While the University of Copenhagen is an internationally oriented university, it is still anchored in Danish culture with shared values such as trust, equality, dialogue and work/life balance. The University's main strength lies in its ambitious and dedicated staff and students, all of whom contribute to an environment which values critical thinking and truth-seeking within the framework of an inclusive and appreciative culture that welcomes diversity. We will continue to develop as a university where students can realise their talents irrespective of their background.

It is management's responsibility to ensure that the right framework is in place to allow full and active involvement from all staff and students, but we must do this as a team – across disciplines and staff groups and together with the students. This is the best possible point of departure for ensuring successful learning and for promoting intellectual creativity that can push UCPH even further up among the world's best universities.


  • Improve the working environment and the psycho-social study environment in order to fuel a high level of commitment and well-being for all
  • Increase our focus on equality and diversity
  • Promote a work and study environment of parallel language use in order to attract and retain talent
  • Strengthen management and staff development across the University
  • Further develop forms of collaboration that support the involvement and co-determination of students and staff

4.2. A cohesive organisation

As an organisation, the University of Copenhagen must endorse the vision of high-quality research and education taking place in collaboration with staff and students across the entire university and with the surrounding world. We must break down all barriers which may prevent financial, technological and administrative collaboration across departments, faculties and administrative areas or which may hinder external collaboration.

The University must provide services at the highest professional level. We must ensure greater transparency in our processes and more clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We will continue the review of administrative areas to ensure that we have an efficient organisation which constantly strives to allocate as many resources as possible to core activities. And we must work to ensure that the University of Copenhagen has a strong and clear profile, not least as a basis for attracting talent.


  • Develop the University's budget model and make financial management more flexible so that it functions optimally to support our strategic goals, including that of interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Enhance internal staff mobility to support increased interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Support that administrative and organisational changes can be implemented as smoothly as possible
  • Set clear common goals for communicating the University’s profile nationally and internationally and for promoting the overall branding of UCPH

4.3. Digital services promoting internal cohesion and user-friendliness 

Joint processes, systems and infrastructure must support research and education on the basis of student and staff needs. We will continue to focus on end users and involve them in the development of new, cohesive digital solutions. We must also take full advantage of digitalisation in order to create a more efficient organisation.


  • Optimise digital support for research, education, administration and services in order to improve the user experience and create greater cohesion
  • Ensure that staff and students develop the necessary digital skills