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1. Attracting, developing and retaining academic talent

A university at the highest international level requires strong academic environments. To deliver on the University’s vision to be among the world's best universities, focus on recruiting, retaining and developing talented academic staff is crucial.

The international competition to spot, attract and retain academic talent is considerable. It is also a core task for UCPH to ensure an excellent framework for developing and retaining research talents from the University’s graduate and PhD programmes. Over the period of the strategy, the University will maintain its focus on recruiting international talent as well as on developing and retaining the brightest talents. The University must therefore offer attractive, digital and globally oriented research and study environments, combined with an academic culture and infrastructure that can accommodate international talents and offer the best conditions for developing and pursuing new ideas.

1.1. Recruitment with a global perspective

Excellent research and education require the space to test and pursue new ideas and to be mutually inspired in an international and strong academic environment. Therefore, we must have a global perspective in our recruitment efforts in order to attract the very best academic staff. This requires attractive career tracks and increased focus on further promoting our position internationally as a top university.


  • Use an internationally recognisable and attractive recruitment and career system, including tenure track
  • Strengthen our position by showcasing our strengths internationally

1.2. Improved conditions for the development of academic staff

Retaining and developing the best talents requires that the right conditions are in place to provide them with opportunities to realise their potential in an inspiring environment, where sparring with colleagues and access to world-class infrastructure are key – for the benefit of both education and research. The financial resources must also be available for both talent development and a management focus on career tracks.


  • Develop strong research environments and an organisation that supports academic staff members' intellectual creativity and provides opportunities to develop and test ideas
  • Ensure a strong sparring culture and further develop the University's research evaluation system, with focus on self-assessment and peer reviewing
  • Clearly identify internal career development tracks and ensure a management focus on talent and career development, among other things by way of increased attention to diversity
  • Expand the framework for talent development by winning more external funding