University Finance

University Finance is the administrative centre for budgets, accounts, procurement and controlling.

The department's overall responsibility:

  • Safe and timely operation of the entire finance area
  • Compliance control, including the drafting and maintenance of rules, procedures and instructions
  • Coordinating financial management as well as reporting with the faculties, including consultancy and guidance of the departments
  • Strategy development in the area, including an overall and coherent financial management model, which, based on the University of Copenhagen's strategic objectives, ensures structured and consistent planning, execution and follow-up on all management levels, including providing the management with coherent, timely and relevant management information
  • Professional IT support and development on the basis of one standard system
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining the best possible procurement strategy and management at the University of Copenhagen
  • Communication, committee and dialogue forums, both internally and externally
  • Ongoing skills development within the areas of responsibility
  • Identifying and implementing effective working procedures on an ongoing basis