Innovation & Industry Collaboration

Innovation & Industry Collaboration is a department in the Central Administration. The department works to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship in research and education at the university,  and to forge strong ties to the rest of society.

The department covers the Tech Transfer Office, the Innovationcentre Lighthouse and the secretariat for Copenhagen Science City.




The Tech Transfer Office is responsible for ensuring that society benefits as best as possible from inventions made at University of Copenhagen (UCPH). As a result, the Tech Transfer Office is responsible for:

  • ensuring optimal conditions for collaborations between the University and external partners, including negotiating all agreements relating to the University’s IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • protecting and handling UCPH’s IPR
  • assessing the commercial potential of research results;
  • commercialising research results.

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UCPH Lighthouse works to strengthen the interdisciplinary innovation across the University. The Innovation Centre helps to ensure that the university's knowledge is used for the benefit of people, society, and the environment.

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The Office for Copenhagen Science City is placed in Research & Innovation. The office is responsible for the operation and development of the network organization for knowledge institutions, innovation hubs and businesses situated in the area surrounding Universitetsparken in Copenhagen. The area is a significant innovation district in Greater Copenhagen.

The office and the network organization works to utilise the joint strengths to improve innovation capacity, attract businesses and create jobs and urban development in nearby neighbourhoods.

The tasks are solved in close collaboration between the City of Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Rigshospitalet, University College Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen and the innovation houses COBIS, Symbion and SingularityU Nordic.

Copenhagen Science City consists of a series of governing bodies, including a steering committee, a secretariat and working groups for communication and urban spaces.

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Tech Transfer Office
Telephone: +45 353-26603

KU Lighthouse
Tagensvej 16A
2200 København N
Telephone: +45 353-23986

Copenhagen Science City
Tagensvej 16A
2200 København N


Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Search in Name Search in Title Search in Job responsibilities
Anders Petersen Special Consultant Billede af Anders Petersen
Andreas Blohm Graversen Deputy Director Billede af Andreas Blohm Graversen
Anne Friis-Holm Egfjord Special Consultant Billede af Anne Friis-Holm Egfjord
Annette Fløcke Lorenzen Senior Consultant Collaboration with private enterprise and public authorities, strategic partnerships, research-based public sector consultancy, GTS (Advanced Techn... Billede af Annette Fløcke Lorenzen
Deniz Yüksel Pedersen Special Consultant Billede af Deniz Yüksel Pedersen
Ebru Ücler Cakir Academic Officer Billede af Ebru Ücler Cakir
Eva Lessèl Senior Consultant Negotiation of IPR contracts; collaboration agreements (including Innovation Fund agreements), MTA, NDA and licensing agreements etc. Billede af Eva Lessèl
Hanne Junker Elmelund Special Consultant Billede af Hanne Junker Elmelund
Ida Albrechtsen Administrative Officer Billede af Ida Albrechtsen
Izabela Sylwia Nawikas Bilinska Administrative Officer Secretary for Research & Innovation. Administration, archiving, purchasing, etc. Billede af Izabela Sylwia Nawikas Bilinska
Jes Andersen Journalist Internal/external communication, media relations, branding Billede af Jes Andersen
Karen Laigaard Senior Consultant with personnel management Head of the Tech Transfer Office. Billede af Karen Laigaard
Kasper Gubba Ørtenblad Special Consultant Billede af Kasper Gubba Ørtenblad
Kasper Malling Kjer Nørtov Special Consultant Billede af Kasper Malling Kjer Nørtov
Katja Johansen Special Consultant Billede af Katja Johansen
Klavs Riishede Hansen Special Consultant Billede af Klavs Riishede Hansen
Kristoffer Klebak Head of Copenhagen Science City Head of Secretariat of the innovation district Copenhagen Science City. Member of teh management team of Research & Innovation Billede af Kristoffer Klebak
Lene Kofod Sørensen Academic Officer IPR system Administrator Billede af Lene Kofod Sørensen
Lene Rasmussen Senior Consultant Billede af Lene Rasmussen
Louis Peinow Pedersen Academic Officer Billede af Louis Peinow Pedersen
Lukas Schwarz Thorsteinsson Academic Officer Billede af Lukas Schwarz Thorsteinsson
Mads Krogh Larsen Student Billede af Mads Krogh Larsen
Maria Gundersen Deslauriers Special Consultant Billede af Maria Gundersen Deslauriers
Marie Hyllested External Consultant Billede af Marie Hyllested
Marius Sylvestersen Chief Innovation Officer Billede af Marius Sylvestersen
Martin Mønsted Jensen Special Consultant Negotiation of IPR contracts; collaboration agreements (including Innovation Fund agreements), MTA, NDA and licensing agreements etc. Billede af Martin Mønsted Jensen
Mathias Hauberg Senior Consultant Billede af Mathias Hauberg
Mette Andrup Senior Consultant Legal advice concerning collaboration agreements etc. Billede af Mette Andrup
Niels Lysholm Engelhard Senior Consultant Marketing and commercialisation of inventions, contact point for patent agents Billede af Niels Lysholm Engelhard
Petra Rose Toft Administrative Officer Billede af Petra Rose Toft
Sannie Fisker Senior Consultant Billede af Sannie Fisker
Simon Alexander Belling Special Consultant Billede af Simon Alexander Belling
Stephanie A E Bruun de Neergaard Student Billede af Stephanie A E Bruun de Neergaard
Søren Vitfell Keller Senior Consultant Billede af Søren Vitfell Keller
Thomas Ebdrup Senior Consultant Billede af Thomas Ebdrup
Thomas Winther Senior Consultant Billede af Thomas Winther
Torben Damgaard Nielsen Senior Consultant Billede af Torben Damgaard Nielsen