International collaboration

The University of Copenhagen works to develop its position as an international recognised university by providing its researchers, students and external partners with excellent opportunities for collaboration. On this page you will find information on the University’s international activities and focus areas.

Student mobility, exchange and internships

University of Copenhagen receives more than 1,200 exchange students annually and sends about 900 students abroad to our international partner universities.

International business collaboration

Read more about international collaboration between the University and the private sector, for example innovation and entrepreneurship, research collaboration, facilities and student projects and internships.

Recruitment of international staff

To build upon the its position as one of Europe’s leading universities, the University of Copenhagen is focused on recruiting talented researchers and staff members with international capacity.

Alumni activities

The University’s alumni association arranges a wide array of career activities with an international focus, including a mentor programme and career fairs.

Alliances and networks

The University of Copenhagen uses international networks and alliances to cooperate with partner institutions, benchmark, share knowledge and gain influence on education and research policies.

International rankings

Every year, international surveys are published in an attempt to benchmark universities around the world against. University of Copenhagen places in the top 50 on many of the most recognised ranking lists.